7 Weeks Into Flower.

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  1. Hello grasscity! After much frustration with rollitup iv decided to take my questions else where. This is my first post here and im wondering about my girls. Iv been flowering for 7 1/2 weeks. I took a pic of the plant at exactly 7 weeks. Tell me what ya think. Ready. Or no.


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  2. With the yellow wash it's hard to tell but I'd say not yet. 9 or even 10 weeks is usually about right. Keep a close look at the trichome heads, when they have all gone cloudy and you have a few yellow/brown ones scattered about its ready for chopping. The large leaves will likely have gone yellow at this stage too 
  3. I would say she is very close...

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  4. totally agree with about rollitup i just sign up here about a week ago this GC is way better
    Glad you like it here :) OP only made this post back in April, and looks lik ehe never came back. His loss. GC is a great forum, I think it's the best weed forum on the web. :gc_rocks:
  6. i agree best on the web for sure

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