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  1. Hello I'm kind of new to the whole growing scene. I have grown a few sativa dominant plants that turned out great and this is my first crack at it Indica dominant plant. I'm using a 300 watt Mars LED along with two 3000 watt CFLs as some supplement lighting. I'm a soil grower using the general Hydroponics line. I'm on week 7 of flower. I just got through switching from 12:12 to 11:13 about 4 days ago. The plant is doing fantastic. Nice big buds very very crystally. I couldn't be pleased more. But what I'm wondering is this is an unknown strain of Indica. It's a great story how I got the seeds LOL. Crazy things happen when you work the night shift at a gas station LOL. How long do indicas normally flower? I've heard anywhere from 7 weeks to 9 weeks. I've been paying close attention to the trichomes and they still seem all pretty clear. Can anyone give me some advice as to how long until I pull these babies? I'm wanting to start the flush here pretty quick but I don't want to do it too early. I can send pictures of me be. Oh and my temperatures at night run between 58 + 65 + during the day I keep them between 77 and 80 degrees. I use air conditioning plus an oscillating fan. If any other information is needed please feel free to ask.

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  2. Hey, Greg! Welcome to the growing scene, and welcome to GC!

    With your CFLs, do you mean 3000k? That refers to the colors of the light, which is measured in Kelvins and referred to as 'warm' or 'cold' depending on if the light is soft or a bright white.

    Your plants look great! You're near harvest, but you have a few days to go -it seems like you still have over 30% clear trichomes. A good way to check is by using a jeweler's loupe. You're always going to have a few clear trichomes, I think, because the plant is constantly producing new trichomes, but you'll want majority of them to be a combination of cloudy and amber. Personally, I wait until I have about 30-40% amber because by that point, there are very few clear trichomes, and I prefer a more relaxing stone than a racy high.

    I would definitely start flushing asap though.
  3. Thank you very much. Yeah I'm really impressed with this girl. I've had no problems at all other than I'm very minor pH problem with the soil. It's always been around 7.0 for a pH level and it took me awhile to get it back down 2 6.2 but other than that it's been perfect grow. I started Flushing about four days ago. I gave them each 2 gallons of water along with one teaspoon of unsulphured molasses. 8 weeks will be up in two days and I'll take another look at the trichomes. I'm going through mostly cloudy with just a few Amber color trichomes. Looking for more of a couch lock effect.
    And yes I mean a 3000 watt CFL bulbs sorry. Went to many zeros and that. LOL but very clear ball and I've had them on there for just about three weeks now and it seem to be doing great. No foxtailing and fattening up nice.
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