7 Week Into Flowering

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    Well Here we go just about done 
    First time 
    First plant Og Kush started from Clone
    Second from Seed Cannalope Haze


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  2. beauty good job.  got a few more weeks ahead of you though
  3. yeah I'm looking into probably 3 more weeks 
  4. sounds good man-- yeah, just till 2/3 or w/e your preference, then boom! harvest:D
    crucial swell time for those buds-- keep up the good work they look amazing :metal:
  5. Ok so actually i'm on my 6th week  
    So i'm going to see one more week how the tri are, and I see them turning cloudy
    should I:
    Stop feeding it nutrients and just feed it water?
    If the tri's aren't cloudy yet should I still just go ahead with one more week of nutrients ? then water for the rest till harvest?
  6. So I noticed part of the plant is being droopy due to weight, how should I fix this or should I just let it be?

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    Sup man....In response to your first question about what to do at week 6.... If your plant has an 8 week bloom cycle, then it would be time to start using a finisher, something like MOAB (mother of all blooms) or a simpliar product. The finisher's job is mostly to point on weight, and it helps to use one.... Also at this time, you'll be cutting your normal nutes back to half strength..Do this for the next two weeks...Watch your trics (you know what your looking forw), if  you hit the 14th day, and the trics arent there yet,  you switch to just water, then continue with just water until the trics get to where you want them...If you havent seen it by now, the leaves will be yellowing and dying off..I usually cut after 3 days of water flushing...
    For your heavy buds, pic up some yoyo's at the grow store, to keep those girls up in the light..
    by the way, you are using a ppm meter right?
    I've been using Bio-Bloom and Big Bud.
    Gotcha will look for those today.
    and No I actually don't have a PPM meter, I do have a few different PH testers that I use to make sure those levels are right. 
    arent those usually meant or used more for Hydro grows?
    So went into my tent area today to work and check on the plants. 
    and noticed one of the leave to be turning of having yellow spots happening.
     could it be a sign on almost time to harvest? time to just switch to water?
    still keeping an eye on the trics tho some cloudy still some clear.

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    looking good, i flowered my OG kush for 9 weeks ended up with 170grams dried. one of my best harvests yet and the smoke is awesome, great for body relief , not so effective on head highs. But thats what i like , still able to do my normal daily activities while smoking  :bongin:
  11. stop feeding nutrients the last week or 2 , as once u stop giving nutrients ur leafs will start to turn yellow from the bottom up because the roots r not getting the nutrients it needs. u could stop in theory right now , but ur plant will start too look ugly after a week or so :D
  12. Responding to ur last question n pic: kinda looks like some burn nothing to worry bout. U probably sprinkled a little water while watering. Keep up with what budacious and tk have been saying and you will be fine.
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    Looks sooo good man  :smoking: hope my grow will be as good as this!
  14. I think i'm going to stop giving nutrients after this week
    two more feedings
    Ah. ok thanks 

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