7 times this year

Discussion in 'General' started by bobfish, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. the hole system sucks this weekend was the 7 time i have been chased out of a park by the pigs this year and im getting pissed off it makes me mad to see 15 year olds drinking in the park and seeing the pigs do nothing about it and then going after someone haveing a toke we all know that alcohol is 10 times worse (dont get me wrong i love to get pissed 2) its pure victomisation so i have made some posters and put them up around town stating the clear facts of weed in comparison to other things thay keep on getting pulled down but if enough of us do it it could insight a change in the law or just piss of the cops eather way we win
  2. Pewople have different views on everything.

    You always know that they are against us though.

    Find another place to smoke.

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