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  1. 7 Important Things I’ve Learnt About Meeting Women « Mitch O'Neill


    Socialising was never one of my strong points. People liked me when they got to know me, but around new people I was shy and very reserved. In June 2008 I decided this was an area I wanted to improve upon so employed a social coach, James from jamessocialcoach.com, to show me how to communicate and build rapport with others. One of the areas we focused on was how to interact with girls in a more seductive sense which could lead to romantic relationships. Since meeting this wise man my romantic life has improved dramatically. I've dated an American model, a lawyer and a girl studying 3 degrees with a Sundance shortlisted film. Throughout this journey I realised that women are far more socially acute than men, picking up on small nuances and intuitive feelings a man wouldn't notice or give much interest to. These simple concepts are very powerful yet often overlooked or underrated by males.

    1. Strong Eye Contact
    There is no better way to display masculinity and create sexual energy and tension than to hold a woman's gaze throughout conversation. Linger there for just a little too long. Not only will the sexual energy go through the roof but eye contact allows for a more genuine, open connection and adds a layer of communication through expressions.

    2. Increased Touching
    The next time you're at a coffee shop or bar watch what girls do with their hands during conversation. They're constantly touching each other. Just like eye contact it supplements dialogue. So when you're talking to a girl don't be scared to touch, you'll be surprised how normal they find this if you start small and increase it as the conversation progresses. Lightly touch her shoulder when you greet her, lean in and softly hold her arm when she says something which catches your curiosity. If she seems interested in you and the interaction gets a more sexual feel you can leave your hand in more sensitive areas like the lower back. If you're not used to touching it may seem weird to you in the beginning but that's ok, you'll become comfortable with it in time and soon enough be running your hand up and down her thigh like a natural.

    3. Good Energy
    Do you remember a time when you were lively and exuding happiness? When conversation seemed to flow effortlessly and everyone was having a good time? That's good energy. Girls feed off this energy and love being around people who have it. Conversely if you have low or bad energy you can drag a girls energy down with you. So next time you meet new people have a big, welcoming smile and be as warm as you can. Obviously you have to be aware not to overdo it or it can come off weird and fake, but more often than not a guy's energy is too low than too high, so unless you're running around laughing hysterically with a broom between your legs at the next BBQ you'll be fine.

    4. Leading
    This may seem controversial, but if a woman is interested in you she will want you to lead the conversation. This means moving the conversation forwards, being the first one to escalate the physical touching, setting up the date. Later on in the interaction the girl will help you out, especially if she's very interested in you, but in the beginning you need to display that you're a strong man and that's by leading. Women don't like feeling like they have to do all the work and unfortunately may feel slutty if they end up having to, so leading removes those pressures.

    5. Be Interesting
    Not only is living an interesting life important for your wellbeing and happiness, it gives you more to talk about and makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. You have to remember those interesting experiences, so it may help to answer questions such as:
    - Favourite books and movies
    - What interesting things have I done this week/month?
    - What am I passionate about?
    Often times I hear interesting guys engaged in very boring conversations as they are nervous and their mind goes blank so it's important to do exercises like that. Also you don't just talk about interesting things to show how interesting you are, girls can see right through that. It's more so to connect, when she talks about her experiences running on the beach you could bring up how exhausting yet enlightening yoga is for you.

    6. Be Interested
    Listen, really listen. Don't think about what to say next just be in the moment, giving her your full attention and awareness. If she says something interesting then convey your curiosity. If you don't know what something means then ask her. If you want to know more, let her know. Showing her genuine interest makes the connection stronger and allows the conversation to flow a lot easier. Noticed I said genuine, just like everything you can't pretend to be interested in something she says. “Ohhh, you like shopping! How interesting! Tell me more!” yeah, you're not fooling anyone.

    7. Authenticity
    Being honest and open is so important. I've said this many times throughout but women are so much better than this stuff than us, massively more acute and aware, so they know. You don't need to sell yourself and show how good you are. Even if you have a lot going for you this can backfire as girls can often think “well he's obviously not ok with himself so how can I?” Be ok with yourself, be humble, sometimes mention your flaws or make a joke about your girly hands or how you tripped over walking into the venue. A man who accepts himself and portrays that is more attractive to most women then an expensive watch or nice suit.
  2. That was a great read. It makes a lot of sense. :)
  3. So thats how you do it.

    I always used to go up to girls and grunt while beating my chest.
  4. good information:hello:
    a lot of good tips;)
  5. Best way to get into somebody's comfort zone is through touching. Weather you or they know it or not, as soon as somebody touches you, it almost instantly initiates conversation.
  6. i like the post man, better than the other one night stand guides i see up and down here.

    sounds like you've come a long way, too. the part about touching i never do. i dont really touch my friends cause theyre dudes, but i think i might go out of my way a bit more with the ladies on that regard. thanks a ton:hello:
  7. Guys will ask me questions like: "How do I make her think I'm not an asshole?", and the answer is simpler than they expect: "Well, don't be an asshole."

    It seems like it should be common sense, but sometime or another, for most of us it isn't.
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    Hey guys I'm Mitch O'Neill the author of this post. I'm glad you guys found it :)

    If there's any questions you guys (or girls) have about Dating, Relationships, "Picking up", Sex, etc the post them here and I will do my best to answer them.

    I have nothing to do with the "seduction community" and think most of what they teach is completely wrong and can be damaging. I believe that being genuine and honest is something you need in all areas of your life, including relationships.

    Short Bio: I'm a pro poker player making 5 figures per month, living with one of the best dating coaches in the world and his wonderful girlfriend. I have dated smart, gorgeous, amazing women and whilst doing so recognized that it's easy for anyone to interact with the opposite sex if they do a few simple things.

    Long Bio (Nathan was a pen name): James’s 12 Month Total Transformation of my Life by Nathan | James Social Coach, Charisma Arts Instructor
  9. If you develop positive self esteem and self confidence you will do all that naturally. The worst is "trying" to do these things and obviously failing like you read some instructions off the internet.
  10. Well, this is a strange turn of events.

    Hello, and thank you for offering your advice.

    However, I have one tiny bone to pick. I respect that you don't choose to partake of our favorite hobby, but I would appreciate it if you'd not communicate this sentiment in this place we consider a home. We get lectured everywhere else in the real world, we certainly don't need to hear it here.

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    I think I've mis-communicated something. I do partake in your favourite hobby, wasn't intending to communicate a non-weed sentiment. Was it something about the genuine and honest thing?

    Edit - And sorry for barging into your thread. I shouldn't have been so hasty.

    Double Edit - Oh "community". Sorry I was refering to the seduction community ("Pick up artists"). Most of the stuff you read on the internet is horrible and can actually make guys worse (do damage). Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  12. Oh boy.

    I feel incredibly foolish. I'm sorry to jump to conclusions, one gets used to that sort of thing, as you might imagine.

    I completely agree with what you've said, now that I properly understand it.

    And feel free to hijack this thread, the subject of it is authored by you, after all. I was just a lucky sumbler who plucked it out of the interwebs.

  13. hey..that way works too lmao
  14. i disagree. i used to have terrible confidence, and self esteem, but i would watch and observe what the popular kids did in school, then i imitated it. at first it was awkward and weird, but pretty soon i went from just imitating and pretending to actually doing. you have to start somewhere, and you can't let a few early mess ups put you off for ever.
  15. I disagree as well. Confidence comes easier to some, more difficult to others. Obviously having it come naturally is ideal, but not everyone is in that situation.

    This list is for those who are developing confidence, not so much those who already possess it.
  16. I disagree too. Yes it may look like you're trying in the beginning, whilst you're consciously thinking about it, but after a while you become "unconsciously competent" at it and do it naturally. Think of the first time you drove, you probably didn't do too well but if you had some tips (ease off on the throttle) your learning curve would greatly increase and with enough practice you're driving automatically, rarely thinking about the steps involved. That's how I believe these things should be used.

    "If you're not used to touching it may seem weird to you in the beginning but that's ok, you'll become comfortable with it in time and soon enough be running your hand up and down her thigh like a natural."

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