7 plants, 75 watt

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by overgrowray, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. I have a growbox thats like 2 1/2 ft tall, and 3 ft long and wide, with 7 plants and only a 75 watt bulb. I had a 60 watt grow light but it blew so i threw in this 75 watt for a few days to hold them over and there still makin it. You think i'd be able to keep the plants under that light until summer? I know I won't be able to get any buds from them under that light but i don't care i'm just trying to keep them barly alive. Well what do you think of my lil light?
  2. .... anyone wanna say something
  3. You got a long time till its planting season in PA. You're putting them under a lot of stress with just a 75 watt gro bulb and I hope they make it for you.

    Why don't you go to Wal Mart and buy a couple of plug in fluoro Gro sticks for ten bucks each and help them babies out. I'm sure your plants would appreciate the extra light.

    Also a fan would help to strengthen the stems up because they are going to be pretty leggy or stringy when you plant them and the stems will be mighty weak for the elements.

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