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  1. I have 4 strains currently growing and I want to grow 1 Tree of eash strain. Making 4 trees total.

    M6 strain out of Oregon, this plant is from a bag seed i got a few months ago. I had been buying M6 for about 3 years and once there was a seedy batch. I grew 9 of these in my last grow.

    Its a heavy indica, afghan and skunk smell. Its real good. Its 8 inches tall right now at 3 weeks old. I will soon be mainlining it and taking clones.

    Wonder Woman from Nirvana Shop. This plant is also 3 weeks old and a little shorter than the M6. She has mutated with two tops as if to mainline herself. I intend to let the branches and limbs grow out so i can clip.and clone them as i mainline this one.

    I accidentally knocked a tray of peat pots over and mixed up 4 seeds that were planted because the labels fell out. One swiss cheese, one Black Jack, one more wonder woman, and a Black Domina. The swiss cheese and black jack seeds were questionable and very green and i planted them about a few days after the other two. Npthing came up in that time. I have since left them in moist papertowels to await germination if at all possible.

    The two seeds that did sprout and grow are currently in .5 gal pots. Once root bound they will be transplanted into 5 gallon buckets.

    So that makes 4 plants to grow into tree's. Once root bound in the 5 gal. Buckets they will go into 18 gal. Totes.

    The soil is my native dirt and chirt mix screened so debris have been removed, mixed with screened aged manure perlite, clay pellets, sphagnum moss. Its all i could get at the time and right now. I have two buckets awaiting transplants from the .5 gal.

    My lighting consists of a mars hydro 180w and a 300w... I had used a 400w MH for one grow but after my house almost caught fire due to faulty wiring I sold it when I needed cash for a dog injury. Im nit satisfied with these LEDs. I intend to buy the neccissary equipment to run a 600w MH veg and a 600w HPS simultaneously. I have a cabinet with a LED light bulb for clones. I use a DIY Bubbler. Ive only used root excelerator and I get roots withing a week or two. I havent ever been very persistent in cloning previously but I intend to change that.
    I have a noname led brand that has no heatsink and I bough on amazon before I knew how to grow. I neber put them to the test exclusively so I dont know how well they will work for cannabis.

    I like making big mainlined bushes and Tree's. But I like to smoke everyday too so im going to be runmimg a SOG while Vegging some monsters to flower under the HPS or outside if the season is right.

    These 4 tree's however, I plan on flowering in early spring. As soon as the weather abides. That time based on research is 7 and a 1/2 months away. So up until then I intend to Veg them under the 180w and the cheap panels. The 300w will be use on a small SOG in constant flowering.

    I cant wait to get my MH/HPS system up and running, but I know its going to have to wait till next summer.

    I may or may not pist some pictures later.
  2. you can run one of these for your grow, very easy to connect to your breaker box, I had to read the directions like 5 or 6 times works good.
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  3. Do I need to connect HID lights to my breaker directly?

    The breaker is over 100' from the grow room so that is out of the question for me.

    With my old 400w I plugged right into the wall. I know this can be dangerous under certain circumstances.

    Please enlighten me because i don't want to burn my house down by mistake. I intend to run each light, ballast and exhaust fan to a desperate plug with a seperate timer. By running them all out of one out i assume i would be asking for trouble. The max amount of watts that will be drawn per plug will be 675w. That doesnt seem like too much comsidering all the appliances and things that are left under these conditions.

    The room will have 675 off one plug for 75w Max Fan and 600w HPS, and another for the same thing except it will have a 600w MH instead of HPS. The AC unit will use 900w max, and I only use the low settings- it too will have its own plug. All extra fans and electronics run to yet another plug.

    Making for a total of just under 3000w with everything on at full power. Spread over 4 outlets. I'll be venting heat either into the ceiling or out of the ceilings exhaust vents. In the winter I may just vent it into the home. Its on a concrete slab or I wouldn't into the floor which I used to do.

    Do you think this will raise any suspicion?
  4. For that controller you would add a new breaker to your breaker box and run a wire to where you want to plug in your stuff. 100' feet is pretty far, to calculate how much power you can draw from your 4 outlets you have to check the breakers that control those outlets and see how many amps the breakers are and total the watts for the breaker, if all 4 are on the same breaker 3000watts are too many, on a 30 amp breaker you could go 2600 watts without tripping it.
  5. I retotaled my wattage and at max i will be using 2550w! Thats cutting it pretty close but i dont see myself going over that. Unless i use my amp or stereo reciever which are in this same space. I may need to run some extension cords.

    I'll check the breaker later this evening, see whats up.
  6. 120w = 1amp
    Takeaway 15-20% for line resistance. I usually just call it 100 watts per 1amp. This makes for simple math.

    There are websites where you can plug the info into a calculator of sorts.
    Watts to Amps Electrical Conversion Calculator - Inch Calculator

    For example: 3,000w at 120v = 25 amps
    If a 30amp, 120v breaker is used this will leave you 5 amps for line resistance which is roughly 18% extra.
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  7. very useful info there bud, thanks for that. Been getting increasingly paranoid about the amount im putting into 1 extention but ive obviously got plenty give so i can stop sweating now lol.

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  8. You need to be careful with extension cords. Most are only rated to 13amps, nicer ones are 15amp. You would be safer hardwiring things. If you do use extension cords buy the shortest one to get the job done.
    If you could set it up where each ballast comes on 1min apart it would be nice in terms of safety. Peak amperage draw occurs when they initially fire up. Most light controllers do this automatically.
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  9. You shouldn't find a breaker larger than 20 amps feeding standard outlets ever. Hopefully you have at least 2 (20 amp) breakers feeding the receptacles in your 'spot'.
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  10. You're right. If he's got a 30amp breaker it's likely 240v.
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  11. I had to install a new 120v 30 amp breaker and ran the right sized wire to the controller, I can run 6 lights on the timer and one outlet not on the timer. I've also switched to cmh and led so my watt usage is not that high, I'm not really sure how many watts I can run with that controller, but I feel safe keeping it at 2600 or less even though the controller shows that it's capable of 15 amps per outlet giving me 90 amps to work with, but I don't know how the controller does this.
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  12. 2600w! Nice one! get me tagged in your journal if you got one please mate.
    I usually just grow 500w but this round i doubled up to 1000w and set up another attic as a favour.
    All the gear is comming back to me shortly though so got 6 x 250w blurple, 1 x 600w hps/cmh and 4 x 130w cfl reflectors
    (i use for seedlings) for my next run.
    Dying to get my current lot out so i can get it all set up. Feels like im gettin an early xmas but better :)

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  13. Just picked up a bunch of soil and amendments. I had never bought dirt from Lowe's. I got 2 bags composted manures for 3$, 1 bag composted pine mulch 1.12$, and a bag of mushroom compost for 4.40$. Thats one he'll of a deal. I'd buy more amendments if i could afford it.

    Did you know that if you pick out the bags with holes its 50% off?!
    I accidentally ripped one loading it into the cart and at checkout he told me it was half off because or the small hand size hole. I told him I saw lots of bags with holes and tears, he said anything ripped open like that is half off.

    This is a godsend. I dont like to be dishonest but its easy to make a small hole or two picking up a 20lb bag of mushroom compost.
  14. I might be wrong, but mushroom compost was rejected by Coot in the first no till thread
  15. I've used it in my soil before, though it was highly diluted with many amendments. That plant did great on the windowsill until the anchors gave way and it fell three stories ablut 6 weeks into flower. I had anchored some wood outside the wondow as a shelf on the exterior of the window. My landlord at the time was alright with the plant but not alright with it landing on the overhang of his porch beneath me.

    The NPK on the bag is labeled in decimal points. Thid isnt something i have come across before. The bag reads "0.5-0.5-0.2". Ive been farming for over 15 years and this confuses me.

    Its a 40lb bag, N 0.5%- P 0.5%- K 0.2%

    That would be 2lb of nitrogen, 2lb of phosphorous, .8lb potassium, correct?

    I feel like I'm mixing something up here.

    Habe you ever used evergreen top soil, compost, or manure?
  16. I've been building my own compost piles for 3 years and it works really good, I tried to find that post on mushroom compost, found this.
    The problem with mushroom compost is that the mushroom industry typically uses a lot of pesticides.
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  17. Ive used my own compost as well but in the last 6 years I've lived in 5 different places so i havent had a significant ampunt of time in any one spot to achieve anything very permanent. By the time I might be able to use some of the compost I've already moved to the next place.
    "Its been rough and rocky travellin but im finally standin upright on the ground, after takin several readings I'm suprised to find my minds still fairly sound. I though Nashville was the roughest but I know I said the same about the north."- Me and Paul, Willie Nelson

    Im finally in a place where I'll be for at least 3-5 years. I finally have some time to really develop a property. Only been here about 8 months however so ive only gotten as far as setting up the grow room and throwing Bermuda grass seeds all over the cracked chert that was/is my lawn. This bermuda grass grows to 3 feet in a matter of weeks, its nuts. Grass seed, not cannabis- hoeever still beneficial for compost and quickly covering areas of fry cracked barren ground.

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