7 months later, still craving X

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Spliffin Bowls, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I took X 3 times 7 months ago. 2 pills each time, usually what they called triple stacks.

    best time of my life.

    problem is ive craved it every late night since. i cant come by it even if i really wanted it, and it was always so expensive (was buying for 2, now im single)

    anyone else have this experience? am i basically an x addict now? lol
  2. nah you can't get a physical addiction but you could have a mental one. jjust chill and smoke herb to take it off your mind.
  3. That was a dumb statement ^ oh coarse you can get addicted to rolls allot of them are cut with meff and H

  4. yeah thats what i was about to say. A lot of the X coming in the US right now is from canada and they did a big news report like 6 months ago about how they are cutting it up with meth now so customer demand is higher. Nothing new really, but its more popular with the X dealers now.
  5. You aint craving your wanting.
  6. Sounds like you are addicted to Meth. The most addicting substance in the world.
  7. The amount they cut with is usually insignificant. Unless they are meth bombs. I just have good guys I guess. Straight rolls with caffeine and pure mdma caps.

  8. That was a dumb statement ^ it is a myth that e pills are cut with H

    op I doubt you are addicted to rolls, you probably just had great experiences which you want to feel again. this could happen with anything, not necessarily drug related. if you enjoy something thoroughly, you are no doubt gonna want to experience that certain thing again some day.
  9. You don't have any dance clubs close by?

  10. Your not craving...your wanting.

    Its been seven months, your brains completely recoverd..
    Go find some, its not like its that difficult.

    And all the people here saying that E is cut with H, yeah right.
    And canada is NOT responsible for the shitty methy rolls.
    All were responsible for is the Flood 0f BZP pills.
  11. truth. i dont know why people keep saying that e is commonly cut with h, that would be retarded and more expensive on the makers part.
  12. yeah, after POSSIBLY taking a few pills with SOME meth (once again, POSSIBLY) 7 months ago, HES A METH ADDICT! op run to the nearest rehab centre right NOW!~!!!

    you liked e, you want some more cause you had a good time. seems to me like...you are not an addict and not even a fan (you only took it 3 times)but rather a person who enjoys being high, and believes that the e high is good?
  13. Learn to enjoy the calmness of sobrerity.
    Where you aren't fidgeting, chewing, and otherwise being a heatbag.
    I've found it's quite nice.

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