7 months and still can't find a job..

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  2. They are hiring people worldwide if you are willing to work on sea, good paycheck also and alot of opportunities to work your way up.
  3. go to a temp. service, where i work we go through people like water and they all come from temp. agencies.
  4. Hook it up then wes welker. Throw me a hundo mill since your ballin out with the pats
  5. na im not related just the same last name
  6. You say you apply and then dont get callbacks. Well every job ive ever had I got because I called them a few times after applying. If you just drop off your app and dont call then thats the problem. Filling out an app is just the first step toward securing an interview
  7. Sorry to hear your troubles man. Its the same in the UK very little jobs very high unemployment rate. So many people have to claim government benefits, now the government cant afford the benefits so they are making cut backs left right and centre.
    Its a vicious circle mate, all part of someones plan for gain no doubt.

    The temp agency sounds your best bet, im sure everything will sort its self out, you just got to hang in there.
  8. I didn't mention it originally but I definitely do that. :(
  9. Get a job working for an oil company; you work your ass off and it sucks but you get paid really well.
  10. You've got to go check on your applications, it shows them you're dedicated. But don't call, especially if it's a restaurant or retail place. Show up in person, and try to do it when the manager is in.

    Also, how are you filling out your applications/resumes? Its makes a difference. If you'd post your resume here (with the personal info deleted of course), I could help you with that. Marketing yourself is a big part of it.

    And don't just apply where there are help wanted signs. Apply everywhere. Especially with places that have a high turn over rate, you never know when someone with up and quit unexpectedly. If your app is already there, you've got a leg up. If you haven't stopped toking already, I suggest you do that as well. Being able to pass a drug test, though bullshit, will put you at an advantage.

    If you're really that desperate, you could always enlist if you're of able body. Not what I would call ideal, but once you're through boot camp, it's a paycheck.
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    If I were you and had the financial means, I'd start packing my bags for a move to Jamestown, North Dakota. Talk shit about that state all you want, but it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Oil companies are hiring people left and right at very good rates of pay. Just throwing in my two cents.

    My grandma has made millions off of royalties from oil wells drilled on her land, and more of them are springing up all around the state, so there's no doubt they're looking for people to work them. If you're shit out of luck and can't find a job, seems like a good deal to me.
  12. Get your shit together son and go out and get a TRADE!

    Maybe move to Canada i don't fuckin know but out here we work via trades and everyone works, starting is like 14 bucks an hour and n 4 years you work up, after schooling to maybe 36 an hour. Probably lower but hey, still lots of money.
  13. Thats good of you, op take this offer it may improve your chances.
  14. Go to the Work Force and try to get on unemployment. For one, it'll give you some money to help your dad out. Second, they actually help you in finding a job unless one is a lazy piece of shit trying to find a loophole. If your state is anything like WV anyway.
  15. Sell the car and give the money to your dad until you find a job. That's what i would do. I mean he is supporting you right?
  16. Where does your dad work? Get him to get you a job. apply at places like 7-11.

  17. dont do this. i been in this situation , and i did this.

  18. Ive been in this situation and if it wasn't for your parents you would be a bum on a street corner begging for change.

  19. Maybe his dad would prefer that he keeps the car so that when he does find a job, he can actually get to it. :poke:

  20. temporary employment agency man.

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