7-month T-break ending (in another month!)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by charger07, May 8, 2011.

  1. Seven months without it::eek:....I've gone longer...but this break is finally ending:smoke:.

    But not until mid-June, at which time I'll also be taking a couple weeks vacation from work.

    This past week, I heard back from some old friends :cool:who live where I'm headed & they told me stuff was available (& to get them $$$ as soon as I can....this is the way I've scored from them in the past.) Like the old saying goes, "Friends with weed are friends indeed!" :cool::smoke::cool::smoke::cool::smoke:

    It'll be a driving vacation (I hate flying, and Amtrak/buses take too long to get to where I'm headed), which will be made all the more enjoyable by the sound-sytem upgrade my car will get when my next paycheck arrives (on Friday:yay:). Once that's in, I just might post something about it over on the "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" forum.

    The thought of seeing family & friends that I haven't seen in a long time (in some cases, a year or more) is getting me as giddy as the anticipation of a new bag o'green does. (Some things never change, do they?)

    Also--another old friend of mine, who's got friends here in FL (on the Atlantic side), is still checking with them to see if I can score something via them. (All of those folks are plenty busy, so it's a matter of finding time to return calls.)

    At the very least, I'll have a highly:smoke::bongin: enjoyable vacation & summer once I get home!

    In the meantime,:bolt:
  2. good job my friend 7 month is tough
  3. its gonna be like when you poped you're weed cherry :D
  4. Thanks for the good words!:D

    Fortunately, everything else has been going great here (job, finances, life in general), though some stuff is still kinda messed up, even four years after moving here from across the country.

    And, yes, it'll likely be like the first time, but better....I'll have a new sound system in my car:cool: (with an iPod Classic full of tunes & comedy:cool::cool:) for the drive home (which will take three days, but it's all on roads that I've driven many times before)
  5. You better post an update of your experience blade. Its an order
  6. 7-months???? You must have nerves of steel and an Iron will my friend. I would crumble after 1-2 weeks man. I feel for you
  7. When you smoke for the next time.. post what it was like and tell us if it was just like your first time. :)?
  8. im on a tbreak myself. its actually not hard if you dont surround yourself by it.

    its really hard when im chillin with friends and they wanna smoke, its like how can i not? anyway, nice 7 month tbreak.

    mind me asking why you had to take one for 7 months?
  9. I'll definitely post after I light up again! (It may be kinda wordy, so bear with it.)

    @lettuce chief: The reason the t-break lasted so long is because I'm living in a town (an outer-ring 'burb, actually) where I don't know a lot of people outside of work--& they don't smoke, or at least they don't say anything about it if they do...I moved here just about four years ago, and I've used my vacations to score enough to get me thru the summer(s), or as much as my $$$ would allow.
  10. Don't get too high and crash.:devious:
  11. dude! grow your own
  12. My last smoke was mid october 2010...
    So right at 7 months with ya...
  13. i really hope u had a reason for not smoking in 7 months....because no t-break needs to go that long
  14. @twtoleetd: As I said earlier, it's due to being fairly new around here (& living out in the burbs) & not knowing anyone I could score from. Besides, a lot of folks would think I'm some kind of creepy old guy if I went asking around.

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