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7 Hours of Power?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Card023, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Alright so recently me and a friend have been smokin up since we are on vacation. I dont know if its just the stuff he bought, or because i havnt been doing it as much this month, but it seems like my high is lasting for 7 or more hours. It doesnt stay as strong for the whole 7 hours, but you definitly feel it even after 7 hours.

    I dont think ive ever been keeping my high for this long. Has my dealer been selling me shit?
  2. Sounds like whoever your friend has been getting it from is better than your dealer. And its b/c you havent done it alot in last month. The more you do it those 7 hours will get shorter and shorter
  3. 7 hours will decrease REAL QUICK. A normal high for someone with a low tolerance is 4-5 hours, longer than that is rare.
  4. my highs last 2 maybe 3 hours tops :(

    and thats on heady strains
  5. i would say mine last from 3-4, but i usually fall asleep still high!
  6. Sounds like your tolerance has just been slowly lowering which is keeping you feeling the after effects after smoking what was once an amount that wouldn't get you that stoned.
  7. Im usualy around 4 hours since im more of a weekend smoker. Although i have gotten some upedy strains that'll keep me goin for much longer,
  8. Im sad to say it but i don't think i really get high anymore. I recently purchased a Silver Surfer Vaporizer and heard that you could really high off of it from like one bowl and that all you needed was 3 or 4 hits. I usually have to smoke 2 bowls to get moderately high which only lasts for about 45 minutes. Cherish the fact that you get high for 7 hours. Thats amazing man. Peace :smoke:
  9. i just endend my 1 month t-break , and my first high after it was pretty intense , i was high for like 6~8 hours
  10. Dude, tolerance break needed fo sho...:confused:
  11. wow im amazed that you guys even get 3 hour highs. i've been smoking everyday for only like 6 months and none of my highs last more than an hour and a half. I always smoke good bud too.

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