7 hour power failure and light cycle veg HELP URGENT!!!!

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    My plants were on from 5am till 11am then we had a power failure from 11am till 5:45PM.

    My normal schedule is 5am till 11pm. Should I just let the lights go off again at 11pm or should I adjust now for 5:45pm till11:45am? They're still in the veg stage and I want to keep them like that till next week. In addition I just topped one of my plants too, so what is the least amount of stress I can give them.

    I really don't want them to start flowering or even worse--hermie...


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  2. Just let the schedule go by normal. As long as your timer is still accurate and the lights turn off and on as they should you will be fine. 7 hours of darkness isn't enough to trigger flowering, especially only once. During veg I've had to turn my lights off for many reasons, and I've never had any issues. During flowering though, whole different story.
  3. You will be fine. What the above said. To go into flowering it takes numerous days, the hormone that induces it builds up then pop. 7 hours is not really anything.
  4. Awesome thanks guys! I have it set to turn off at it's normal time. Much appreciated!

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