7 half gals enough?

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    I am going to having a party at my house and we are supplying the alcohol. Is 7 half galls enough for 70-100 people? I think I need more. 

  2. I wouldn't buy anymore that's three and a half gallons of alcohol, if seventy people show up that's six drinks a piece and if 100 show up it's like four drinks a piece idk about you but I wouldn't want that many people getting trashed at my party, and I imagine there will be lots of mj too so IMO you are good sir
  3. get a keg too, then you'll be ok
    Hell yeah, Ill stick with the 7 then. 
  5. 7.5 gallons is enough for about 30 people who like to drink. I like the idea of getting a small keg to go with it.
  6. Your probably good. Idk what kind of party your having but I'm sure if everyone is not a douche some will bring a pack of beers also. I almost always do. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. 7.5 gals are around 28L 
    If I calculate that on 100 people that is around 280 ml each person. Id buy at least twice at much!! 
    About what "alcohol" are we talking about? Beer, rum, vodka? If I throw a party everyone normally brings a six pack or something, always a good time. Rather have too much then not enough  :rolleyes:
    peace  :wave:
  8. if its a rental place and youre not worried about the carpet, then you have more than enough liquor.
    make PJ/Jungle Juice/whatever the fuck you wanna call it.
    & get a cheap keg.
    boom party supplied and all guest will be lit.
    girls loves the juice & dudes will kill the keg.
    random dudes - $5
    hot chicks/bros - Free
    ugly girls - 2 for $5
    easy money man, probably end up a little ahead at the end of the night...
    then if you continue the cycle it will eventually become profit.
    after like 2-4 successful parties.
  9. Nope. I drink a fifth by myself plus a few beers on average at parties
  10. BYOB is the only way I'll have a party and the only way i'll go to a party. A lot of times I'll buy a couple of cases a beer and sell my extras for $3 a piece.
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    lol we bought 9 and we ran out so fast. We needed 18, but then again maybe we don't want so many people. Cops came fosho. and I profited $350
  12. I'd grab 10 more and either a keg or 5 cases of beer.
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    Yeah the thing is everyone still got drunk as fuck and some people got way to drunk. I guess word spread that we were serving alcohol and way to manny people came. We literally had to turn hundreds of people away because the house was to full. 

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