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7 grams for $120

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MONSTA, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. So im buying a quarter of no name dank later and i was wondering if $120 is too high. Buy the way i live in New Jersey.
  2. Depends man, start grabbing ounces you get a better break down and more respect from your connect.

  3. I dont have the kind of money. An ounce here costs $380-$440.
  4. I'm in nj too and a gram standardly sells for $20. Your saving $20 by buying a Q
  5. I get my Q for 75 I'm from sj

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  6. $120 is kinda high but as long as its some kills I dont think its too bad
  7. truthfully i wouldnt pay over $110 for 7grams of loud, the least ive payed was $90. and our grams cost $20 of loud.
  8. 100$ is the price around here in AZ
  9. It is a bit too high in my opinion. I usually pay $100-110
  10. Where in NJ are you from? I'm from camden county and idk where to get bud. Hahaha.. I need it :'S
  11. Colorado can get quads for 60.
  12. NEW JERSEY 1/4s "7 grams" are STANDARD $120 for dank.
  13. I havent paid 120 for a quarter since I was in like Freshman year of High School...

    I usually pay between 80-95 a quarter

  14. I don't pay $120 either, but the difference is you know your connect, and you've probably been going to him for awhile. Also depending what you're getting, and where exactly you are in jersey.
  15. If that's all you can get, you might as well do it. Quarters of the best shit you can get go for around $75-$120. If that's all you can find, $120 isn't a rip off, especially considering your location. It's just not a star deal either. As long as it's weighed out straight you'll be getting a "deal", but not an amazing one. Am I making any sense? I'm ripped to the tits :(
  16. Anything over $100 is robbery.
  17. #17 BehindAdresser, Jun 22, 2011
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    lolololol I get my quarters (7 grams) for 55$ of primos :smoke:

    I live in ontario though.
  18. I live in Virginia and the prices are the same man 120/q and it's usually a mystery what you get. Sometimes you get diggity dankness and others you get beasters or weed that smells like some lunch-meat, straight ham weed. Its fucking ridiculously over-priced and unreliable quality. Fuck my life.
  19. Damn, Seems a bit high but considering your in jersey and you might not have the best hookup, it seems fair. Aslong as it's not schwag/low mids for that price :p

    Back when I lived in Ontario, I could get 7 grams for 60$ Wasn't that bad of a price I think.
  20. Honestly i would be willing to bet 120 is the most common price for qtrs in non medical mj states. If your getting dank from a normal dealer thats not a homeboy its probably going to be $20 a gram 60-65 a 1/8 and 115-120 a qtr. The longer you smoke generally the better hook ups you get. In high school i was paying 65 a 1/8 400 a oz. Now about 3 years later i can get 45 a 1/8 and usually 300 a oz of some exotic type shit.

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