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7 Grams For 120

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Towelieee, May 5, 2014.

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    Ok Wazz Up Guys, Im Getting $150 And Im Spending 120 On Weed And $30 on a piece. Do You Guys Think Its A Rip Off For Really Dank, Or I Should Get From Someone Else Or Buy It. Peace Keep Tokin Guys  :smoke:  :smoking:  :bongin:  :smoking:
    Edit I Called My Bro And He Said He'll Do About $90

  2. 120 is the max is ever pay for a 1/4 but normally I get mine for $80

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  3. id never pay 120 for 7g, but i live in a med state so for me a quarter is 70-80 and 120 would be getting close to getting me a half. 
  4. live in south on east coast and have never payed that for a quarter. ive been getting ozs for 150 lately but thats rare for ec.

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  5. I wouldn't pay that much
  6. Wtf u live where now? 150/oz for mids scwag on east coast. Or u are best friends with your dealer. Now I'm fortunate to find 70-80 1/4, 140 1/2, but I'm not getting the 280/oz I now find...anyway for Op. WHERE ARE THE PIX? If no pix, I'd say pass on anything above 100/ 1/4 as just too.expensive

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  7. Quarter isn't worth 120..he's tryin to get some extra cash off you
  8. 100 should be max f0r 7 grams
  9. live in florida. reppin the 850 hahaha. yeah the source isnt from around here, and its rare but its always properly grown and harvested outdoor bud . usually paying 140-180 halves and 250-350 for an o of quality buds.

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  10. This is the only bud ive ever paid 120 a quarter for. White Rhino on the east coast

    ㅠ ㅑㅅ cㅗ ㄴㅁ ㅛ ㅈㅁ ㅅ

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  11. I live in sw Florida and I would never ever pay 120 for 7gs shit just a week ago I paid 120 for a half o of dank

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  12. Unless you're in NY, $120 a quad is waaaay too much! I'm in the Carolinas and $100/qtr is max. Here in the south we have the highest prices considering our many states, and a general value is no more than $100/qtr round these parts.
  13. u pay 65 for 7g but hey, we're all different
  14. 120 is way to expensive for only 7 grams.
    I could get an entire OZ. You already done goofed tho
  15. i think its too much but ive seen some nasty numbers on the east coast ...not so much in the midwest tho  :bongin:
  16. In Toronto ill buy a quarter of real good kush for 50$ --
    Hendy :bongin:
  17. Wayyyy to much to pay. I live in NYC and the most I will pay for a Q is 80$ and that is the high quality shit. If i can find it for that price here then i bet you can get some dank shit wherever you are for less than 120

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  18. i live in new york i get 1/4s for 85 and just this week i got 1/2 for 130 so yo deff got ripped off!
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    Too much, I get 7gs of dank for 80 on the east coast. average is about 100

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