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7 grams for $100

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Havok Se7en, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. I'm purchasing 7 grams of "OG Kush" marijuana strain for $100.

    Is that good? I think I've heard around here that 7 grams would go for like, $130
  2. how much i pay
  3. uhh then yeah


    But if you are in a medical area then probably not, but you seem to know
  4. I pay $90 but $100 is still good.
  5. Yup, but make sure it's dank.
  6. It better be some super fire for 100.

    Ideal is around $80-90
  7. it's always amusing to see people from california throw out ridiculous statements like this. not everyone lives 10mins from a dispensary or in a decriminalized state.
  8. Dude,, cmon, I've paid 110 tops for a Q of some Dank, don't listen to these other guys telling you they get awesome deals. 100 a q is fine if its dank. It's that simple.
  9. What I just got 7 grams of bubba kush for 50 bucks
  10. depends on where you live.

    If your in a medical state, im sure thats a shit deal.

    My friends in cali have deals all the time where its "buy one half ounce, get one free"

    That makes 100 bucks for 7 grams seem like a slap in the face no?
  11. in my non medical state i got friends that get hooked up $90.

    when it's dry, up to $120
  12. Dood that's pathetic I wouldn't pay more than $20 for 7 grams.

    Nah for real though that's a good price.
  13. In Northern Cali right now we have a major glut of High Quality Bud filling our freezer's, as the clubs are only offering us growers $1,600.00 a LB for grade A. We are forced to either sit on our supply for 6 month's or make a daring drive East. Even those without the 215 recomendation pay only $160.00 OZ for top shelf grade A. I for one would welcome everyone from the oppressive states to come see us for your needs, cause we are happy to share the love.
  14. Is bud really that cheap in Colorado? I would honestly expect to pay 50 bucks maybe 70
  15. 7g kush for 70 MAX bro
  16. Well I must be mr nice guy because I give my patients $10 a G or $250 a onion of dankel as far as north cali your $1600 dollar stuff is junk aka TURKEY BAG WEED STOP IT YOUR WEED IS SHIT I WOULD NOT MAKE HASH WITH IT
  17. $100 a quarter is about the top of the line. I've never even heard of anyone charging more then that where I come from. even the dispensaries that try to squeeze every last dollar they can out of meds only charge $100. but alot of people do pay $100. so I wouldn't say you are getting ripped, but the guy certainly isn't doing you any favors.
  18. come on now, I've never even been to california, but the shit they grow in norcal can't be that bad.
  19. [quote name='jb5355']come on now, I've never even been to california, but the shit they grow in norcal can't be that bad.[/QUOTE trust me that north cali $1600 is mexican seed grown in a big bag some people have good but its not 1600 that one is local grown un pressed mex marked up because its not pressed I used to mess with it but know it just pisses poeple off
  20. Ahahhahahahahah.

    Who told you 7g is 130 your dealer? Bro you got jipped out of your fricken mind.

    Opps forgot where do you live?

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