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7 gram nug Tennessee Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SUPREME23, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. #1 SUPREME23, Nov 25, 2011
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  2. looks pretty dank!
  3. thanks guys! it looks frostier when you zoom in!
  4. you pay $20/g usually right?
  5. yeah its pretty much the standard for the area
  6. #6 sourjello73, Nov 25, 2011
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    You paid 100 dollars for that.. What the fuck? It looks like 2 or 3g
    Looks über dank tho... Hope you enjoy it haha :smoke:
  7. that's standard east coast pricing. some i know try and push $110 for a quad..
  8. yeah man i see people around here buying quarters for 110-120$
  9. The price is fine, but unless that is very dense bud, I think you might have gotten skimped. Did you weigh it?

  10. i thought so too, it was pretty dense and it was on 7.05 flat
  11. But does anyone else think that nug is most likely not 7g...
  12. Well, if he weighed it, its probably 7g. But the prices in your area are doubled compared to mine. My main dealer is my boy, and I can probably get that for like $50 - 60.
  13. dosent look like 7 grams imo probably really dense though. its crazy how much prices differ geographically for a plant.
  14. Idk defer doesn't look big but if it scales out right I guess it's cool. I don't like big nugs personally cause I feel that the huge ass stem running through it takes up valualbel tree
  15. Did it do its job?
  16. he scaled it though. can't count how many times i thought i was skimped but the bud was dense so i wasn't..

    plus with dense bud you got a lot more to break up. if he tosses that in the grinder it would be a good yield.

    if he really thought he was still skimped, he could always re-calibrate the scale.
  17. SUPREME23 what part of tn are you from? i live in east tn.
  18. Did the dealer scale it or you?
  19. doesnt look quite like a 7 gram nug but still looks pretty killer. if u got a full 7 gs then nice buy man

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