7 gal soil (smart pot) for Autos?

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Will I get over 2 oz/plant w setup mentioned above?

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  1. help.

    As soon as my seeds come in, I'll be growing 9 DynaFem Blue Amnesia in 7 gal smart pots w FF Ocean Forest w 15% perlite or so in Mars Hydro 700w with 48X48X78 tent. Using Advanced Nutrients' Sensi A+B as base + B52, Voodoo juice, and the two others I cant recall (for bud).

    I've also got some worm casting I might utilize.

    Thoughts on setup or yield?
  2. I have a Amnesia Haze Feminized Auto-Flower growing in a 5 gal pot and it's doing great...so a 7 gal pot should be fine. And as far as the smart pots...idk.. I just started using them myself!

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  3. Hahah I think you're talking about Jorge Cervantes? He's actually against indoor growing/artificial nutrients (total hippie, teenager of the 60's). 7 gal is plenty; I don't go above 3 gal (for watering purposes) and my plants do plenty well :>
    I just made the switch to smart pots as well and so far my Neville's Haze is loving it :)
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  5. You def do not need a 7 gal container for autos. I've only used 3 gal containers and have never hit less than 2 oz's per plant on my last couple of auto grows. Find a nice stable strain and use a solid soil (I swear up and down by roots organic), get your lst skills down, and good lighting and 2 oz's is a breeze with autos. Just don't stunt them in any way.
  6. Yup in soil! I'm considering trying hydro but just want a single plant system to start with.

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  7. I have 7 gal smart pots. 4 in a 4x4. I don't think you'll fit 9 in..
  8. It sounds like a lot of nutrients with a hot soil. If you see deficiencies, you'll know why.
  9. I use 7 gal smartpots. Good mid ground from 5gal and 10gal. Saves me a little space but still provides plenty of room for root mass.
  10. I have a auto growing right now that got stunted some how and is now flowering... it's only like 8 inches tall!! All the other ones started at the same time are doing fine.

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  11. Can you define "hot" and elaborate, please? I'm new. Haha

  12. Well fuck! I'm able to fit 9 7 gal pots in my tent. Considering they're only under a mars 700, I'm thinking maybe I'll just keep my current setup to allow more light to the 9. I want to have somewhere near 30 autos constantly (legal in my country), so for the rest, I may use 3 gal, which necessitates new tent.
  13. I may be mis understanding but if you only have a Mars 700 led that is not enough for 9 plants. It's maybe good for 2 good size plants. The coverage of the lights is pretty much straight down so a lot of those plants will be left wanting. It may not be evident in veg but come flower time it will be noticeable
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  14. Hot = very strong, nutrient rich. You do not need to add nutes to ocean forest until nutrients have been depleted. You have way too much shit you are planning on dumping into that rich soil, you're going to kill your plants or have deficiencies due to lock out. The classic new grower locks out nutes due to overload, goes crazy trying to figure out which nutrient is "lacking", adds more nutrients to try to fix the problem, and makes things worse. Don't do that.
  15. After the first few weeks, though, isn't it necessary to supplement?
  16. I'm intending to maybe get another Mars 700 and run both throughout the plants' lifecycle. Your thoughts?
  17. Generally, people say around 4 weeks. However, it depends on growth of the plant and size of the pot. One could go over 2 months in a 7 gallon container of rich soil without having to supplement, especially if feeding the soil something like blackstrap molasses. By the way, ocean forest is too strong for most seedlings.
  18. Nice buds comes down to a lot of factors with one of them being light intensity. 2 of those lights I think you could very successfully run 4 plants. I run 4 plants under 1800w of advertised led wattage (not actuall wattage draw). I have a couple of beasty autos going now and each plant more or less gets its own light. (X1 Mars 600, x2 450w viparspectra, & 1 300w Galaxy hydro). I just don't think those lights are going to have the coverage area to support 9 HEALTHY plants. Stand over he top of the light and look straight down around the edges, that's more or less its coverage area
  19. thanks for the info!! What about using an inert medium for seedlings and moving over to FF around 15 days from seed. I hadn't heard of blackstrap molasses; i'll definitely check it out!!
  20. Interesting. I was under the impression the 700 was enough to sustain at least four plants. Your thoughts on using 700w Mars + Bestva 1800w full spectrum for 9 plants?

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