7 finger leaves

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by zonerr, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. my plants all have 7 and 9 fingered leaves! They are just bagseed! But some pretty good bagseed! Is this normal?
    Just wondering! If I had a good cam I would take a pic!
    But I am poor! LOL!!!!!
  2. sounds good to me :) are they thin or broad?
  3. they look healthy as shit but they all have extra leaves on them!!!!!!!
  4. They are dark green and I think I read somewhere that that is a sign of not enough light! So I am going to go out and buy a couple of flouros to supplement! Maybe for sidwall lighting! Right now I am only using 100w hps and 2 33w flouro tubes for 5 plants veggin! I don't think that is enough but I don't want to spend alot of money till I figure out how many are female! I only want 2 females but last time i grew 7, and 6 of them were male, pissed me off bad! But i made some pretty good hash out of the males and now I have some delicious home grown bud to smoke from the 1 female!
  5. Forgot the pic!LOL!
    Forgive me I am BAKED!

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  6. shade, I did the same thing for my leaves i have 3 pages of my sativa leaves :D
  7. I left them sit out on my desk by accident and my cat ate them! 4 leaves--cat is puking up a storm!lol!
    serves her right!
  8. hows your cat? I read that marijuana plants are posinous to animals..go figure..i guess they must mean eating the plant because i dont know how many times i have gotten my cats high. LoL. The cat got my curiosity. That sucks that it ate your leaves. We live and learn right!
  9. cat was just fine after she puked for a few hours! yuk
  10. Nawwwww MJ aint poisonous to animals, i save my dried fan leaves and use em for kat nip and the dogs love it to!!! Good for em, is high in iron!!!

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