7 Dwarfs seeds?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bluewave, May 10, 2011.

  1. Are they any good? I can't find much info on them.

  2. you'll have to be more specific... White Dwarf as in the strain?
  3. No it is a company called 7 Dwarfs that sells seeds that are autofem they have names like "Titan" and "Colossus". They are a little pricey but I read one review that seemed good but thats all i could find.
    they don't ship to the US which is lame.

    I am looking to do my first grow and I have 5 himalayan blue diesel and 2 super cali haze both autofem both from dope-seeds.nl. though I'm still waiting and its been 2 weeks so I'm getting anxious.

    If anybody has any recommendatios I would appreciate it. Especially on what seeds I should order next for quick, easy, high yield, good smoke, etc. Obviously as always money is a factor. For now..

  4. checkout ATTITUDE SEEDBANK Cannabis Seeds (Attitude seeds)

    i'd recommend Barny's Farm LSD

    or Dinafem Hashplant
    UFO#5 Dinafem Seeds California Hash Plant
  5. I think he wants autos a good place for cheap autos is grasscity.com they don't charge you an arm and a leg to ship and they ship to usa. takes my orders about 2 weeks to get to east coast.
  6. I recommend attitude as well (no affiliation)... excellent service & website design
  7. thanks for all the tips guys! Have u guys grown autos? Is there a thread or group focused on them? What sees the easiest/best/
  8. sorry to bring up an old thread but im growing a colossus from the 7 dwarfs and it just keeps vegging i have it next to a 60 day lemon auto and a auto NLxBB them 2 are doing fucking great getting close to being done. but the colossus is just growing massive. way above the dealers discription. theres signs of pre flower so it is female but just keeps vegging has anyone messed with these seeds? and info would help. im sure i can jst throw here in 12/12 and she will go but i dont wanna do that if these plants are say late bloomeres.. thanks

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