$7 dispensary weed (cheese)

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  1. originally for 9 a gram but its on special all week for $7 a gram here in canada. bought a 3.5 grams to try and honestly its dam strong, starts hitting u fast while ur smoking.

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  2. Nice, Cheese is always a pleasing strain
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  3. Well that doesn't look like cheese at all! Or if it is it's super moldy.

    I kid, enjoy. I've never had a straight cheese variety but my favorite that I've grown was a blueberry x cheese cross.
  4. yess it is , id be happy with an oz of this. hits u fast and the effects are strong:love-m3j:
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  5. Blue Cheese is my favorite Cheese cross. super terpy
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  6. Dispensaries always dispense the best flowers. This is why drug stores can't claim weed is a drug because they would profit all the same.
  7. Cheese is one of my favorite classic strains. If you get the chance, cheesequake (cheese x querkel) is pretty damn good as well.

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