7 day break...going on a trip

Discussion in 'General' started by JonBongJovi, May 25, 2006.

  1. I'm going on a trip with my family tomorrow and won't be back until Tuesday. I won't be able to smoke on the trip and I didn't smoke yesterday and won't tonight so it's basically going to be a 7 day break minimum. There's going to be a lot of boozing going on though so it won't be a total interlude of sobriety.

    I won't miss the pot much. Actually the opposite, I'm kinda looking forward to smoking after I come back. I haven't had a week break for months. A few months ago I would only smoke every 3-4 days but for the last 2 months or so it's been 6+ times a week(i.e. almost every day with the occasional day off).

    Anyone else taken a week off and been very happy with their tolerance after the break?
  2. I just took a week off, and I smoked for the first time on Monday. It was two hits of this rediculously expensive stuff from LI that my friend got there. I was so wrecked walking around NYC that I couldn't even think straight, haha. So my answer to your question is yes, after taking this week break, you will be pleasantly surprised by your new tolerance.
  3. I'm going to be taking a break too. I haven't in over half a year... should be interesting ^_^
  4. im currently on a break too. since a few days ago and I feel fucking amazing.

    now I can finally sleep all night, dont wake up sweating. no more getting up and feeling like shit in the mornings.

    im really motovated to do things now. I just went out and cut all of our grass (live in the country so it takes a good hour+ with the push lawnmower).

    its a weird feeling to be normal again. I could go on forvever without smoking it feels like..but I wont. just cause I love getting high :D

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