7+ cops just ran past my window

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by andy85258, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Just packed a monster hit and smoked it, then... the yelling. and the sirens..... Then i see 3 police cars pull into a lot behind me and what i can only describe as an army of at least 6 or 7 cops all running in one direction past my window.

    so ya night ruined...
  2. Not the clops!
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  3. Night ruined? They ran PAST your window.. night ruined for somebody.. but not you.
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  4. Accidental double post
  5. Still kills the vibe
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  6. Hate it when the clops kill my buzz.
  7. I thought you were talking about a cyclops. Cops are much worse. Clops just want to get high est everything in your fridge, then smash it and disappear.
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  8. Did they look like this?

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  9. Better lay of the Startrek. Might be some Klingons outside as well.
  10. Really? Lmao how do you think the people that got busted feel? If the cops didn't fuck with you I definitely wouldn't be paranoid... you know how much work it'd be for them to fuck with you over smelling cannabis that may or may not have came from your place? Lol

    Grow journal
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  11. Unless it was brutal, very sad, or the guy didn't deserve what was happening to him... I'd probably just start laughing and go look.
  12. was your pipe loaded with something else to give you paraNOIA?
  13. I was high and seriously thought this thread title was somehow related to horses clopping by your window. I'll show myself out...

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  14. wouldn't an army of police running by your window after having just ripped a fat bowl be at least somewhat unsettling to you? It sucks for other person but knowing the folks where i live they likely had it coming.

    So many lowlifes in my town
  15. Nah just really dank bud lol
  16. [​IMG]

    You'd run too if the hot light was on.
  17. Hey! You changed the title and post! Now people will think I'm crazy talking about clops :(
  18. What can i say? i'm a stickler for spelling lol
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  19. so nice being in a legal state and so odd at the same time seeing pot plants on top of ppls roofs or in there front yard(completely legal) watching others testing there freedom by smoking in plain view(not allowed yet)

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