7 Bladed Leaf!

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  1. Im very sorry citizens of the city but i have no pics of this one, it was a friends plant and he was very adamant about no pictures, But oh well i guess you have to respect others wishes.
    How common is this?

  2. Very. :p ;)
  3. I've got some seedlings that are a couple weeks old that all have 9 blades per leaf. It is the White Widow #1 strain from the Doggies Nuts. I know, I know.... the doggies nuts is a rip off with drastically overpriced seeds. Well, I like to formulate my own opinions based on my own experience. So, I bought the seeds, and so far, they seem to be doing quite well. I've never seen a plant with a consistent 9 bladed leaf. Every plant is displaying this phenotype.



    Speaking of freakish genetics.... Biggest rams I've ever seen. My housemate took these photos on Wild Horse Island State Park (in Flathead Lake, Montana)



    I've seen some big ones near the Highway just outside of Missoula, but these are fucking huge.
  4. those rams are huge! and i didnt know they were so common lol i thought i had seen a thread where people were making a big deal about a 5 bladed leaf.:rolleyes:
    Ill bet theres alot of nice space to grow in montana!
  5. No shit! The spread on the lighter colored one and the Full+ curl on the darker one.... Massive! I'd love to go back there during breeding season! Can you imagine seeing those monsters ram heads?!

    Montana is awesome, but the outdoor season is short. We have had temps in the 70's and 80's, and this morning some spots in the Bitterroot got two feet of snow. It is super easy to loose crops to the random cold snaps. I've seen two feet come down in Missoula in the middle of June. I stay indoors.

    I was watering those little girls this morning, and started noticing a number of 10 and 11 bladed leaves too. I'd be happy to post pics of those too.
  6. ITs common pal. Ive seen 9 and 11 bladed leaves. Wuts crazy is when u see 1, 2 and 3 bladed leaves after topping or fimming.

  7. I've seen plenty of 9 bladed leaves, but these are the first 11 blades in my garden.

    I had one OG Kush plant (cloned from a flowering plant) produce entirely one bladed leaves. I gave it to a friend to flower out, and it did just fine. We smoked some of that plant yesterday. It was one strange looking plant.
  8. I grew up in SE Idaho, Pocatello. I have seen quite a few rams out scouting backcountry ski runs from Tetons to Big Sky, and those are Beautiful. Thank you for the pics, I live in Fl now and really miss home.
  9. 13 leafs > all.
  10. .....

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  11. Man.... Going from the Northern Rockies to Florida. That is rough. I feel for you! Glad you enjoyed seeing the rams.
  12. I veg my plants for about 4 months
    and frequently see 9 & 11 bladed leafs.

  13. Holy fuck if I vegged for 4 months they would be well over 10' tall before i ever even started blooming lol
  14. Its really awesome what the proper use of CFLs
    can do during veg. My plants are round bushes,
    about 4 ft high, when all is said and done.
    More roots = more bud. Yum.
    Sorry, I got offa the track with this thread.
    I knew a dude who actually got a 17 blade
    leaf. No shit man! He was so fuckin proud,
    he went and got it laminated in plastic and
    uses it as a paperweight on his desk. lol.

  15. picture or it didnt happen ;]

    i get 13's alot, never had a 15 or 17 though.
  16. Sorry man. Aint gonna travel 2000
    miles just to prove my word, and
    furnish u with a pic. I really wish I
    could though.

    Its uncanny how many buzz killers
    are lurking about.


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