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7-11 Clerk Was an ASSHOLE for NO REASON Hating on WEED, disrespected me, called cops?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cheeto Jones, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Hello blades,

    This story I'm about to tell is 100 percent true... I go through some WEIRD shit.

    So, there are a lot of times when I don't actively buy large amounts of weed.  During those times, an event or occasion may arise where I need some bud.  A lot of the times if it's in public or has to be a quick smoke, I'll go up to 7-11, buy a Swisher, get 10 dollars cashback, pick up a blunt sized amount of some really potent chronic, and get a nice session going.

    ANYWAY, I went into a 7-11 one afternoon and asked for a Tropical Fusion Swisher Sweet, and then I tried doing 10 dollars cash back.  The cashier looks at me and then just stares at me with an angry expression when he sees the 10 dollar cashback thing on his register.  He looks at the swishers and then looks at me, then looks into his cash register and hands me like 6 dollars in ones, and then 4 dollars worth of quarters... so I say, "Can I just get a 10 dollar bill?  Or even just 2 fives?"

    And he says:

    "No, because I know what you're trying to use this money for, so I'm trying to make this as difficult for you as possible."

    I thought he was being funny at first, but then he got super serious and said "Now take it or give it back, and leave the store".

    I just snapped because of how disrespected I felt and called him a bitch and I told him to give me a solid 10 right now or I'm going to film him and send it to 7-11 corporate.  He called this Indian manager who started yelling at me and then picked up his phone and said he was going to call the police if I didn't leave!

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  2. meh I'd have taken the swishers, bitched him hard while walking away with it in my hand and went to a coinstar to converge the quarters into 4 dollar bills
  3. I would have personally left.  Why give him any business.  Even if it ends up being a little more of a run around.
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    Damn man. Some people are just assholes. I'd have just gone to a different store. Although since you already swiped your card, I guess you didn't really have a choice. Sorry to hear that, OP

    What are the police going to do if you had stayed? Neither he nor they have any proof of what you're going to do. I'm sure the manager would have eventually just given it to you to avoid the hassle

    Happy toking!

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  5. You didn't do anything illegal. It would of been funny to record it and tell him you're sending it to corporate. But I probably would of let him know he's a bitch and left.

    If I wasn't high though... and he got to me... I probably would of made it rain with those quarters and left.
  6. Go in and buy $100 of shit and pay with pennies :laughing:
  7. Ahh yeah, definitely no doubt in that.. typical 7-11 employee. Those bastards half the time just hire there immediate family..
    I tend to avoid 7-11's lol
  8. Shouldve bought some chips and threw the change in his face so he can take the time to pick it up and think about what an asshole he is. Ive had a similar experience at a Hess gas station. The bitch didnt want to sell me a dutch master. Funny how people think its alright to be rude because you have different opinions on something that doesnt effect the other person at all. But i guess thats how the world will always be

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  9. I wonder how often that idiot refuses to sell swishers. I bet someone stops in every ten minutes to buy some.

    If you see him again and the 7-11 sells alcohol I would put him on the spot and ask him how does he live with himself selling alcohol when it kills tens of thousands of people a year. Cigarettes kill millions globally.

    Anyway, it's a good thing you left. If you refuse to leave when an employee tells you to the cops can and will arrest you for trespassing.
  10. Yeah dude next time go in with a shitload of pennies and buy as much as you can. When you're at the desk, let him know how hypocritical he is standing behind that desk selling cigarettes and alcohol which is much much worse than weed will ever be. That is ridiculous

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    Contact corporate, that's what I do if I have a bad experience at a franchise. After you do the pennies of course :laughing: don't fuck with me lol
  12. Thats messed up lol. 
    I would've just been like ok? thanks asshole.. and left.  
    No need to cause another more tho, imo. You got the 10 back but not in fully in dollar form. oh well.. 
    I would've just hit up the ATM and go on my way. 
    Sounds like you might be in a conservative part of the country. 
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    wow what a douche. Whenever I buy papers or things like that the guy behind the counter is like fuck yeah here you go keep the change. Why would he possibly not want your business? fuck it man they sell those swishers for a reason.
    I'd have left and gone somewhere else, and probably asked him if he's ever seen anybody open up a swisher and smoke it.
  14. I wouldn't even bother with him anymore. Haters gonna hate. Maybe he's jealous because some religions don't allow that, or maybe he had bad experiences with bad stoners. Either way, fuck him. 
  15. Dude, they put the sunglasses rack next to the door so people can smash it over when they're angry.  That's the only reason it's right there, it's like the 7-11 comment card.  Rack still standing, they did a good job, rack down, they did a poor job
    you missed out on their comment card.
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    I've gotten so much free food and drink from fast food joints calling them up with the stupidest complaints. :laughing:
    hahaha they probably would have called the cops then
    no doubt, but that's when you complain about the clerk making it hard to get blunted.
  19. I'm sure they would have understood the frustration.
  20. LOL fuckin owned OP

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