7 1/2 week old white widow

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  1. Hello I have about an 8 week old white widow. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong because the buds don't seem to be fat or big. I believe the trichs are clear so I still have some flowering left. Do you think these will fatten up or stay as is?? I'm growing in a tent with a 600 watt led light, one fan and air filter system. And a Ten gallon pot in organic soil. Tiger blossom for the flowering stage. Any pointers?? Oh how long should the veggie stage be??
    Thank you

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  2. Is it a photoperiod or autoflower. If photo veg is however long you make it. Basically find a size that will fill your space after it finishes stretching. Autoflower its doin what it wants to do and when. If that light only pulls 130ish watts off the wall that could be some of your issue. Least you got some buds coming. I fucked up and vegged too long on my current run and the next one i flipped just in time. My clones look like lil autoflowers but it was too do a SOG across my closet.
  3. Its an auto flower. Thank you for the info. I'll wait a couple more weeks before I harvest.

    Hopefully they'll get bigger
  4. You could be pumping in molasses these final weeks. That will help give weight to your buds as long as you have good mycorrhizae surrounding your roots.

    The extra iron eking hurt either.

    Nothing will replace more photons but she’s a big plant.

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