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6'x8' closet with a 4'x4' tent

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by angusnaut, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So, as the title says I have a 6ft X 8ft closet in which I am planning to utilize both as a closet and a place for my grow (tent). This is not my first grow or anything but, I still have my fair share of questions.

    I need to know how to vent the hot air coming from my tent, out of the closet. It has a door, but no vents inside. I'd like to keep in clean. I don't mind puncturing the wall and putting a small vent in my room to exhaust heat. Is this possible? Or what is the best way to vent a closed off room? ceiling?

    Up until just now I had a really easy set up for growing. A full room with central air, but I still used my tent. I didn't have to worry much about heat or ventilation of the room. I just moved this last weekend though.

    I am a medical patient, and I live in Colorado, which as of now its 100% legal to grow your own, so no issues there. I still desire I clean, organized, and low profile grow.

    I already have my tent up and the ventilation, hood, and filter up. I currently have nothing running, but I have seeds germinating.

    Any advice?
  2. when you buy a tent it already have a hole in the top. there is where you can put an exhaust to fit in there . or duct ducted to your exhaust in the top also of your tent depending how large is your firler, lights etc. anyway the hole there is where you can exhaust the hot air that is staying in the top. you can just make another hole in the top of the drywall anr push your air in there. this air is mostly dry and hot, no moiste in that air so it will not put some moist in your house. this little hole can be easyly hide wenever if you plan of going to live at another place. vent anywhere in the top. anywhere outside of the room 6x8.anywhere. dosent matter at least vent this air outside your tent this is every setup go
  3. If you also want it out of your closet I would put a hole in the door before a wall. If you dont mind the exhaust in your room. Or leave the closet door open. Leaving the door open would be better for intake temps unless you build that coming from outside the closet as well. It sounds like you are doing fine just check temps if you close that closet door.
  4. I decided to vent buy a small ~100cfm fan and just push the hot air from the closet into the bathroom next to it. I'll put a small flange that vents air in there. It will be placed behind the door once opened, so essentially out of sight. Regardless, it will look super clean and professional; it won't appear out of the ordinary to the naked eye. Not at all. Pics this weekend, as well as the start of my new journal.

  5. Can't wait to see a pic of this!:D

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