6x6 or 8x8?

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  1. Of one was to have a 1000w HPS light set up, what would be the optimal space for the light to be placed in? 6x6? 8x8?

    I know that a 1000w HPS will cover a area of 4x4 and I want to have some walkspace around to make life easier. But, would I get more of a yield if my grow space was smaller? Say, 4x4 or 6x6? The walls will be painted a bright white and then lined with mylar. I am expecting to add on to the "room" when funds become more availible, so I am trying to go "modular".

  2. 6x6 is the biggest footprint for thou-ies that i use. Id you use a smaller space with the same light (and less plants) then your plants have the ability to yield more per plant, but total?... i dunno... probably a little less unless you are using SCroG.
  3. Thanks man. Well then I am probably just going to build a 4x4 space or maybe drop some extra cash on a tent. My plan is to veg the plants for 6-8 weeks instead of the average 4. So I am expecting some large plants by the time I harvest. I figured that I would start off with 10-12 plants and by the 4th-5th week of vegging take out the small or sick plants and leave 6-8 of the healthiest plants I have. The outcast will prob just go outside to flower in the natural sunlight.
  4. Me and my pops are doing the same with the "outcasts"... and I like the looks of some of them much more then the indoor plants. With all that root space and microbes in the soil (plus the mycorizza and organic nutes we give 'em) make them smell mmmmmmmmmmm good. :D
  5. What nutes are you using? I am also looking to go organic with my plants.
  6. For the outdoor plants he's using earthjuice bloom, catalyst (basically molasses) and meta k.

    We're not done with the flowering room, so the plants were put back there hastilly because they got too big for the grow room. He's going to start mixing the dirt with coir and perlite next time. We don't really care about the nutes, as long as they are organic flowering nutes... the soil where he lives is very fertile. Will be using a kelp extract like maxicrop or something as well. Also will be using mycorriza... stuff is great for outdoor plants. Maybe dress with compost when it's ready as well...

    The indoor plants are using chemical nutes and hygrozyme. I forget what brand nutes... some generic crap for now.
  7. Sup guys...Just thought Id add my 2 cents...Jorge Cervantes did a couple good grow dvds, I think in the first one he buildt an 8x8 room, but his design was based on 4-600w lights (2400 watts total), so it sounds like smaller is better for a 1000.. I think there is a chart around here somewhere that shows coverage at whatever wattage.....I think you'll find a 4x4 room a bit constraining, unless you plan really well. . Layout of your plants will make your life easy or miserable. If you buy a tent, make sure to get one with more than just a single door access. the ones with 2 side panels are way better and also avoid the one's with only the 4" duct vents if possible and go with the 6". If you build a room check out Jorge's vid if you can, it makes room design really simple....gl
  8. I saw those vids awhile ago and I got a few of my ideas from it. My only problem is that I do not have the resources to spend the money on more lights. I figured that If I went with the 1000w I would be able to increase my space and save some cash. Two 1000w HPS lamps will cover a 8x8 space for a lot less than four 600w. If I ever ended up needing more lumens I would probably add some CFL's around the sides of my plants.

    But I do recommend those vids to anyone who hasn't seen them.

  9. If one 1000w light covers a 4x4 area and you place a second 1000w light next to it then doesnt that double your space? I'm pretty bad at simple math when im blazed so bear with me here lol.

    Edit: Never mind, I put the blunt down and drew it out and your right its 4x8...

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