6wk Outdoor Autoflower yellowing

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  1. Hey guys, I have an autoflower outdoors right at 6weeks thats been yellowing with many leaves falling off. some have browned and crisped up on the ends like nute burn but I don't give many nutes besides EarthJuice Bloom maybe twice so far.


    Soil is FFOF/HF potting/perlite/EWC/Lime/and HF fruit and Flower (3gal container). Have only used Earth Juice grow/bloom/catalyst throughout the entire grow in small quantities as this is my 1st autoflower grow. Is this normal at this stage or has it depleted all the Nitrogen? This was a mix pack strain thats anywhere between 8-12weeks so not sure exactly the strain. Thanks for any info..Ph is 6
  2. Looks hungry.
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  3. I would give them a little cal-mag.
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  4. I actually forgot to mention that the last watering I actually used some Black Strap Molasses..
  5. Nitrogen asap! I have not grown autos but she looks hungry, i hear they are easy to overdose on nitrogen..,
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  6. yea I thought they were easily burned as well is the reasoning I didn't want to overdo it with Grow nutes. I figured the FoxFarm OF would be sufficient for a couple months for autoflowers from the research. Guess not :-/
  7. Dont use more than a oz per gallon in one week
  8. Would that be overkill? I used 1Tbsp/gallon
  9. my thoughts too but needed reassurance, much appreciated
  10. Blackstrap mollasses only feeds the microbes in your soil if you are using chemical ferts you likely do not have many microbes left too feed, interesting note is everytime i used Blackstrap when i was using OF most of the tangerine dreams yellowed within 3 days, i believe tired or too few microbes are like a kid on sugar a quick rush of energy followed by a crash, now that i use homemade water only soil full of life i no longer see the yellowing, one chap wrote if you have too much nitrogen during the finish adding 2 Tbl spoons of mollases per gallon of water will cause a nitrogen crash until they process the sugars then watch out I have only tried it on two plants and admit they yellowed
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  11. I've only used organic with these grows so far, no chemicals. Wanted to try a new approach. Earthjuice all the way, have some excellent results so far with my indoor grows, prob never use chemicals again..interesting about the nitrogen crash, I'll have to be sure not to overdo it with the molasses b/c I've been generous so far. I was more leaning towards N deficiency but just wanted more opinions before acting. New to autoflowers and so far they are very picky. Its been especially difficult growing multiple strains as each react very differently to the same process. I'll stick with a single strain next go around, master it, and save myself a headache trying to perform calculus equations on each individual issue
  12. Most autoflowers are done and dusted by 8/9 weeks

    and very few would carry their vegging leaves thru senescence

    chill and avoid over feeding

    good luck
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  13. Really? I was pretty sure with everyone else it was a Nitrogen Def. I already gave a little so I guess I'll just wait and see what happens...much appreciated
  14. Y
    Yip: shes got lots of pistols

    so theirs really no reason to feed (N)

    as the vegging is over for this one

    residual (N) will be consumed in the plant over the next few weeks

    as she finishes 'stretch'

    at harvest too little (N) is better (taste,flavor)

    than an (N) excess (bright heavy green color)

    the clue is in the yellowing of the lower fans

    good luck
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  15. Last year was my first grow. I used my own pee to make fertilizer water, 1:20 pee to water for the first month, then 1:10 afterwards until the flowering stage. My plants thrived, no nute burn, no starvation, no weird mineral deformities. I'm using my pee again this year, but at half strength because I read autos do best with that.
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  16. What a very odd coincidence. I was reading through some random articles and just ran across one saying almost the exact same thing. I barely read it b/c it wasn't what I was looking for but I remember your ratios being mentioned-- 1:20 pee...this may be a sign for me to try it as well...is pee the 'Only' fertilizer you used or did you use other stuff with it?
  17. just FYI for everyone I ended up feeding some Earthjuice Grow shortly after my original post and the issue cleared up within hours. Its almost like a completely different plant from the pic..thanks for all the help
  18. I used my pee solution only during most of the vegetative stage. I used FoxFarm Tiger Bloom twice during the flowering stage. Here is a link to my grow journal from last year Outdoor Grow Journal - Northern Climate Okanogan Highlands

    I just read you were able to solve your problem. Grats!
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  19. Much appreciated, I'm glad the problem cleared up too. I have a few others I have using the exact same methods and none are like that one. I guess its a nutrient hog. Gave it some Black Kow also so its really good to go..I'm just still dumbfounded you've basically used nothing but urine on your grow..I have a few more experiment plants I just started that I'm going to try this on...info appreciated

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