6th year guerilla growing. First success!!!

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    since i was 15 i started guerilla growing. Always had plants eaten or taken or when they actually did well they turned male. Ive had grows fucked up in everyway i thought i could ever imagine. Ive failed so much any normal person would have quit a long time ago. This road has been a dark lonley road with a tiny spec of light at the end of the tunel. I can tell you one thing i have learned about failure over these 6 years. Every time you fail at something, you learn something. like why you failed and how to prevent in the future. Now seeing as how i failed a whole lot, i guess that means ive learned a whole lot.

    I fucked this grow up just like the others. we hiked all the stuff up the hill through VERY thick spiky bush climbing up slippery terrain not knowing where we were or where we going. after spending 5 hours one night we had to call it a night and leave everything in the middle of a extremely thick patch of bush on a hill. Bad idea. we tried to find it the next night and it took us hours! after we found it we moved it again and found a spot to plant.

    We were preping everything and we heared a car creeping up the road VERY slowly. it is a quiet old road so it really put the shits up both of us and it kind of spooked me off the spot but we carried on and planted the plants into 10L buckets. The plan was to plant them in buckets then come back and plant them in the ground. Except i never actually got around to doing that. Infact i actually never went back. I assumed they died a long time ago so i thought oh well fuck it im done with guerilla growing, im never going to try that again.

    However my one friend kept saying to me that i should go up and have a look and i always said the same thing "nah they will be dead, cant be bothered" and just today he said it, and i said you know what fuck it, lets go up there tonight and have a look. are you keen?" he was keen so we head off.

    We parked up in a bush about 20 meters in a bush from the bottom of the hill, got out of the car and told my friend to RUN! to the bush so nobody drives up the road and sees us. we get up into the bush and start treking through to try find the plants. we couldnt find the spot and then finally i thought we arrived at the spot and there was nothing. no buckets with plants to be found. "ohwell bugger someone stole them lets turn around now"

    so we head down the hill and about 10-20 meters away i seen one of my buckets with soil in it. no plant though. "oh look one must have rolled down the hill" i picked it up and my friend said "look theres one with a plant in it" I thought he was just taking the piss, but i looked up and sure enough there were 4 or 5 plants around 5 feet tall with most their branches missing except the heads. And would you know it, it was good shit. 1 male all rest females. no seeds surprisingly!

    I finally did it. all i did was plant it and left it for dead, came back and managed to get about an ounce of quality bud. Strains planted were white rhino. nebula, cookies kush, afghan and og kush. maybe another strain i cant quite remember but i think that was all. planted a total of 9 and about 4 or 5 survived. Next season im doing it for real!!! ALL IN!!!

    Not the first bud ive grown, i do ok with indoor but this is the very first guerilla bud i have ever grown, i litlery never tended to the shit once and some of it is just as good if not better then some of my indoor stuff

    Couldnt have done it without you grasscity! Espically to all you old dogs like old pork, buzz and corto and all you other cats i cant remember!!1! wil put up some bud shots maybe within next 24 hours
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  2. Damn bro that's crazy so mother nature did almost all the work (after the initial plant and scout) I'm doing my first this year going to dig holes this am a that's for the story it was a good one
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  3. Congratulations OP. Yea man I always think about planting just a bunch of bag seeds in random areas.

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  4. Right on braddah!
  5. i really was not expecting so to see any plants what so ever, so it really was like christmas. i couldnt beileve it! Probably only got just under an ounce of bud but it is killer man!
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  6. Do it man. just do it! its so worth it and i guarantee you once you catch the growing bug you cant get rid of it! your drug habit will be self sustainable and good for the enviroment lololol
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  7. Well I already grow legally in my yard. Lol I just meant like clones and shit I don't need.

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  8. chek it man First DWC. Og Kush 700w LED
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  9. Exactly what I do. I grow a few more than I need at first for my medical, and later select the best ones to baby in my front yard, then guerilla grow the rest. They usually do good as well with some basic care, I love it - and once you get the hang of how to pull it off and not get busted, you're hooked.
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  10. I always go fishing with my back pack on. So when I am ready to plant I just add my soil, pots, entrenching tool, and coyote piss granules. Seeds in my pocket ready to toss into the pond or woods if confronted. The glass bottle I keep them in sinks.

    Other than that I have my garmin and extra batteries. Mark locations with initials like BD for blue dream. I usually Mark at what I call an attack point, a location about 20 meters from the grow site that way if my GPS is compromised it will lead to a dead end, at least not right on top of the grow.

    Take some toilet paper so when asked, if asked why u were in the woods, taking a shit officer. Done.

    Oh yeah, I never tell anyone the location, lone wolf is ur best option.

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  11. I'm diggin that toilet paper idea....good shit!
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  12. I agree about being alone I only take my dog it's more work but you feel alot more secure and I just don't trust many people.
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  13. The rules of success.
    Don't sell
    don't smell it
    Don't tell it

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  14. Looks like this year gonna be my first fail

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