6th week moby dick grow.. buds still looking small...

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  1. Hey guys this is my second grow. I decided to low stress train this time. Looks good smells great. But buds are tiny. Heeelp!!
  2. I use a 1000w hps in a 6x7 room. Use merical grow soil. My room goes from 80 at the start of the day to 90 at its highest. And humidity is usually between 42-49%. Light is 2ish feet away im using some pretty good nutes. Dont know what's going on. Come on people
  3. how big are your pots and how hot is your grow?
  4. 5 gal and goes between 80-90 and 41-49% humidity.
  5. Some fresh pics

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  6. A few more

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  7. temps are not Ideal shoot for 70-80deg. pot size is good.

    Next question when you say 6 weeks, is it 6 weeks from the 12-12 switch into flowering or 6 weeks from seed?
  8. Just figured that my humidifier needed to be turned off cause it was lagging and when he runs between 50-55% humidity it drops my temp to 85 at most. But still. Having trouble keeing it any lower. 1000ws gets hooot and there's already 2 fans blowing at her.. 6 weeks from 12-12. I was vegging my ladies for 2 and a half months. LST'D em and the stems got to be the size of a fat cuban cigar. Dont know whats going on. Should I expect a growth spert???? Theres already enough orange on these little bitches
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  11. Could simply just be plant genetics, my blue mystic did not really fill out til week 7 and 8. all the hairs turned color and receded into the bud then it started new white hairs in week 6.5 and plumped up in week 7 and 8. While my snow white plants showed two completely different phenotypes during flower one plant growing huge buds and the other stayed relitively short with airy small buds.

    Sorry for the delay on the response gotta sleep.

    Anyway what strain you got going?
  12. Moby dick! A very high yeilding strain lol shes just lookin way to skinny
  13. Interesting, looks like it is a 9 week flower plant indoors. So at week 6 things should be ramping up. But like I said it could be genetics. Not every seed will be that absolute winner. IME with seeds bought from seed banks/redistributes they nearly never are what is described nor pictured. most times I plant all the seeds clone them all, flower them and pick the highest yielding/most potent from the bunch to clone again. Here is the start of a black berry crop that I was doing a while back. The sellers description described a huge plant that produced lots of purple buds. Needless to say this is not what I got. Ended up with very short plants that did not produce that much. Here is the smoke report with the sellers description and my results. They seem to differ greatly.

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