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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smokin&tokin, May 3, 2003.

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  1. So, have any of you ever done 69????? I have one time with an old boy friend, that was some fun shit! :)
  2. I find women cant concentrate when i go
    down on them, so its kind of pointless...
    they end up stopping an enjoying it...
    which is fine by me.... i always cum
    in the end anyways... so its all good for me..

  3. Is there any other way??

    My favorite way to end a day!

  4. hahaha!!!! LMAO
  5. Yeah I\'ve done that quite a few times and it is so erotic. Especially if you are high and/or had a few drinks. Yes I really like to talk about sex. I guess the next best thing to not getting any(besides masturbation) is talking about it or I guess writing about it. 69 is all good!

  6. haha i like talking bout sex too, as u can tell by some of my threads!
  7. lets talk about sex baby! lets talk about you and me! lets talk about all the goooood things and the bad ;) things that may be! lets talk about sex!

    I never have. 69 that is. I dont think I could \"concentrate\" but now that I think about it and have a kinky gf, maybe Ill give it a whirl. :)
  8. I never have, but am willing to give it a shot if any of you ladies want to...
  9. Well lets see.... umm I was married for 14 years... I\'ve probably done it I\'d say... about 1000 times.

  10. Only a thousand//

    I\'ve done it that much in a year!

    You goota love it to get it!
  11. 69 here to save the day! my old lady loves a 69 better than regular sex.. Filled to the last drop on both ends!

    Can\'t get any better that that now can you?
  12. My ex an I had extreme variety in our sex life, if we had 69 every time we had sex, it would have gotten boring, after all, there are a hundred other sexual positions to try also. And when it comes to oral, most of the time I\'d rather give than recieve.
  13. I do it 21 different ways.. some nights we do at least 5 different ways before were\'re done..

    nothing like a variety of ways to make the sex interesting..
  14. many a times.... only thing is... after awhile your nec\'ll get sore....lol

    and you always have to watch out for the un-expected....like your gurl having an intense orgasim and clamping her thighs around your head so hard you feeel like it\'ll pop.....

    an for the non-belivers....trust me it\'s happened....lol
  15. I\'ve done it...don\'t care for it. I think it\'s kinda scary, actually.
  16. 69 ers scary .Now that is scary ,what makes it scary?.
  17. done it, love it, am good at it, (so im told) :)
  18. mmmmm......... i love getting eaten out! i wish i was right now!
  19. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  20. Well, being on top at all is scary for me....I\'m kinda self-conscious about myself, and being on top kinda seems like I\'m on stage and now I have to perform a solo.....but when it\'s a 69, I now have to perform that solo from behind, and I can\'t see the reaction of the crowd.

    Even being underneath on a 69 is scary b/c you can\'t escape....you\'re trapped beneath someone elses body, but not the conforting face part, oh no! You have to go to work now, trapped and cramped in a small, dark, hot place. If you run out of breath, too bad for you, b/c there\'s nowhere to come up for air....you\'re stuck!

    That\'s why I don\'t like them.

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