66 yr young & still a Hippy at heart :)

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  1. I'm Frank (but I try not to be rude :) I'm as Easy as a Sunday morning and a good toke helps mestay that way :) I love to ride my motorcycle and Party and enjoy good company with a good meal, as the song goes " I know I'm not the only one "

    just being Frank :)
  2. 66 is nothing man, you still got your whole life ahead of you :smoking:

    Hi Frank!
  3. Hey Frank:wave:
  4. Hi frank :wave:
    Welcome to Grass City!
  5. Frank the tank
  6. [​IMG]

    We're going up the quad and to the gymnasium.
  7. you're alright, Frank
  8. Thanks for the encouragement lol
  9. Welcome to GC Frank.
  10. Your a good person frank. Peace man stay groovy
  11. I sure hope I'm still token and Ridin at 66 Frank! You're an inspiration to all of us!
  12. Welcome Frank! I find it hilarious that you posted this in the "sex, love and relationships" section! How you doin?
  13. Hi Frank! :) Welcome!
  14. Welcome to GC, Frank! :gc_rocks:

    You got about 2 years on me! lol I'm an old hippie chick from San Diego!

    Since you are getting a bit long in the tooth ;), you may want to get familiar with some of the medical uses for cannabis. I've made it easy to do just that! See that first pretty blue link in my sig? Click it! Then just start reading the titles- your mind will be totally blown (in a nice way) by what our little party plant can do! :eek:

    Cannabis is good for a LOT more than "just" getting high! :smoking:


    Granny :wave:
  15. Im looking to make a move to CA maybe I could take you to lunch and a ride on my Harley )
  16. Frank...I like you. Word.
  17. thank you all for your kind words :)
  18. why would you think it strange to post here ? I can still play with the best of them lol
    just being Frank lol
  19. Your age does not matter as long as your happy for it then so be it :)
  20. Frank got bitches on his dick!!!!! :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello:

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