65 More (NEW) Michael Phelps Pictures

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  1. I guess Michael Phelps should have stood up for us stoners. Check out the link below for a whole bunch of Michael Phelps pictures. Very funny stuff.

    [65 more Michael Phelps Pictures]


    [65 more Michael Phelps Pictures]

    I still think he is going to hit the bong. Just going to have to do it in the privacy of his home with the blinds closed on all the windows.

    Poor guy. Imagine having to be such a closet stoner. :( That would suck!

  2. those pics are goofy, he shoulda stood up for himself saying look wat he can do and still puff. o well... a lotta money at stake.
  3. In the videos I have seen of him apologizing, he reminds of the chicks you see on spousal abuse talk shows. Just looks all beat down and sad.

  4. Of course hes still gonna toke, what doesn't kill u only makes u stronger.
  5. i wouldn't be... I earned everything, y should i be ashamed...
  6. Phelps is a prime example of the fact you can still smoke weed and be insanely successful, but the government does what it wants.
  7. I agree. I'd carry a gold medal in my pocket and every time some dumbass brought it up, I'd flash em the gold and wink. ;)

  8. well he doesnt personally care. but he has quite a few family freindly endorsements. eg kellogs? big big endorsements. sure i would have stood up for myself. but theyre were obviously some big choices we didnt know about.
  9. HA, FOR SURE! :wave:
  10. Well the pics are still damn funny! :D


  11. Actually kellogs dropped him a couple days ago.
  12. I think Phelps should move to the Netherlands and swim for them instead :hello: hah
  13. That'd be great. Especially if he just came out all open and puffed everywhere he went like Snoop.

  14. dude didnt you read the other 30 phelps threads on here

    apparently they didnt "drop" him they just didnt extend his contract and let it expire. there is kind of a difference
  15. These are hillarious! Was a little lame tho that almost all came from photofunia.com editing service, There prolly are some other hillarious photoshopped ones tho.
  16. The only reason why he's so good at swimming is because he hits a bong before every session.

  17. Kellogs dropped his endorsement.

  18. cuz hes really thinking...fuck now i cant do any more blunt cruises.
  19. I agree, he should have had the courage to stand up for his activity. He's already rich and powerful enough, and doing so would not lower his standing much. It's unfortunate that supporting legalization is harmful at all, but it won't stay like this for much longer.

  20. If he stood up and did that you can bet he would of got dropped from way more then just kellogs.

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