65 days in flower she ready?

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  1. My first ever harvest and I’m stuck on when I should harvest. I’ve got a jewelers loop but hard to see Milky vs clear trichomes. I see some amber throughout the different buds though. Most of the white hairs are gone and I haven’t noticed any swelling of the buds for about a week now. I’ve been watering with phed tap water for the past 2 weeks. Some of my leaves are turning yellow but most Are green still. Here’s a couple pictures maybe you guys could help me! I have a better microscope coming tomorrow so I can get a better look at the trichomes!

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  2. Yeah, those trichomes still look a little clear. (When they get milky, at least for me when looking at pics, the reflectivity goes down. i.e. they look less like a crystal ball. I'm not there with a microscope, so I have to kinda look at how the light is reflecting off them. Milky trichomes = head high. Amber trichomes = couch lock. Either way, let them go longer to get "in the window". Some shoot for 40/60 or 50/50 (milky/amber). or mostly amber, etc..that's all personal preference. But I would let them go longer so they will at least get to the milky cloudy stage. And go from there.
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  3. Thanks for the fast response! I think I’m going to let her go another week. Getting my 200x microscope tomorrow that’s digital so I’ll be able to post a good close picture of the trichomes
  4. What natas said, and it could take just 2 more weeks, this is where the patience really pays off, just try to forget about them, you’ve already grown them for 3 plus months, surely you can wait 2 more weeks, have patience

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  5. I think you can take it anytime now.
  6. I love your profile/avatar picture Ed!
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  7. This weekend is the day I think!!! No more white hairs and the swelling stopped. Thank you sir
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  8. They look kinda milky to me im more of a couch lock type of guy but id say either way you got a little more time . im gonna get me a digital microscope one of these days which one di you get?
  9. Jiusion 40 to 1000x Magnification Endoscope
  10. Here’s a couple pictures of the trichomes with my new microscope

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  11. Unless you're 'cherry-picking' with your photos, it looks to me
    as though you have enough amber trichomes to 'call it a day'.
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  12. Those were from different bud sites!
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