65 a 8th? what do you think

Discussion in 'General' started by BlueBats, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I read the TOS and do not think this is against it if it is let me know I will be glad to delete.

    Ok I want to know what you all think. my main guy said he can do me 65 a 8th or 120 a qaurt o.
    I regardless of the weed am un willing to pay more than 60 an 8th(and thats hard for me to do)

    Now with that said. the fool tells me he paid 380 a o and does not do this for free, well no shit but 20 bucks a 8th a little much to be expecting. It comes out to 520 a o

    I just want to know how you all feel about that?
    shisty ass people....
  2. i would never pay that much...
  3. DONT DO IT, unless its crazy dank, im talking purps. or relatively any dank shit.
  4. I am not doing it....
    I am only aksing because I want to know how people feel about a 380 oz for 65 a 8th..
    Say you paid 380 a oz what would you charge per 8th?
    and for WIW it is purp but that does not justify 65 a 8th
  5. Your putting to much thought into his end of the deal. If it were me i personally wouldnt sell to you after your above post (the whole he bought for 380 and selling for 520 thing...bring this up to him and see how much of a deal he'll cut you, my guess is nothing at all) What he pays for his weed is no ones business but his, although ill add that hes a moron for even throwing the numbers out there to begin with.

    regardless, no on the 65.
  6. yeah don't do it. that is rediculous
  7. i'd charge 60 an 1/8
  8. this isn't the rec forum
  9. i would never pay that much. ever.
  10. yeah I was wondering what he was thinking telling me what he paid fucking idiot.
    I asked him what he could do for a quart he said 120 I told him I will do 110 and he said no. so I said bye. It sucks because this is my main guy and usually is fairly decent but for real 65 is crazy I don't care if its bright purple and pink
    it sucks having money and a hook up but still a no go... =[
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    Does this fit in there?

    Edit.. I guess it could have gone in apprentice but.. whatever

  12. Yeah is isn't daycare, I mean rec...

    And yeah, good call on not buying it, that price is WAY to much.
  13. Don't pay 65 an eighth. I pay 60 and feel like I get raped in the asshole every time.
  14. Dude 65 an 1/8th is ridiculous! I pay much less for quarter O's. Unless your getting friggin G13 or Trainwreck or something i'd never pay 65 for an eighth.

  15. you could get a quarter here (depending where you go) for that price and have five bucks for munchies.

    just thought i'd rub it in. :p
  16. either your smoking mids or are in canada and therefore either way your statement means nothing
  17. $50 is an 8th.
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    Most I will ever pay is 60 and it better be the best shit I've seen in a year. But if I was desperate and couldn't find anything else then sure.
  19. No one should have to pay more than $50 an 8th, and it'd better be absolute FIRE.

    But that's just my opinion.
  20. $60 is as high as I would go for an eighth, and it would have to be top of the line

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