644lb pot bust

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of bud haha
  2. ehhh probably some brick
  3. Thats a lot of compressed swag!
    Buy American! Boycott all Mexican Swag!
    Why give money to murdering cartels? When you can stimulate the American economy?


  4. yup legalize herb u would help get rid of mexican swag and the violence that comes along with it

  5. To bad some people cant afford the expensive herb due to prohibition.
    And not all swag is by mexican cartels...
  6. They said it was 644 lbs with a street value of $644,000. That would make it $1,000 a pound, which, if you do the math, comes to about 62 bucks an oz and about 8 dollars per eighth. Even for shwag, wouldn't that be incredibly dirt-cheap, or am I missing something?
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    Thats true bro swag can be grown by anyone. The South of America Once had some sweet stuff.

    They no longer make the Very, very, small one hit bong bowls from the 70s cause you need a bigger bowl. Nothing touching the expansion qualities of the Real Colombian Gold. We used to call it RED BUD......pure sativa .....................

    I wish I could capture those old genetics. Good old columbo gold.

    Do you hit , hold it in nothing................nothing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,twenty seconds later you are rolling on the floor drooling and choking...AHHHHHHHHHH

    South American weed in the 70s it was GOOD then.
    Cali was not on the map yet......

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktOg7-vPx14"]New Riders of the Purple Sage - Panama Red....Revisited![/ame]


    PS NICE to see someone who Also knows the molecule.
  8. Its a big quantity, so there was definitely a price cut, it might not even b schwag. You cant tell with a picture from that distance
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    thats about right for shwag... 2 years ago i remember people selling shwag for $55 a O
  10. thats shitty..here in texas you can usally get 3 bows of shwag for 1000
  11. detroit pigs raided 1200 pounds of schwag last week
  12. naw dude thats mad expensive.

    i get schwag $300 a qp here in new york, and thats mad expensive.

    $75 an ounce for me

    you would think buying in bulk of 644 pounds theyd get it a lot cheaper than that.

    cops just do high estimates. its probably worth about 200k at most
  13. The price goes down when you buy in large quantities.

    Even still, $1000 is a lot for a pound of dirt if you ask me.

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