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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. whats his avatar ,that is?
  2. Something from sesame street or the muppets? :confused:
  3. He's from the "new" muppets from a couple years back. He's a catfish, right? I think the name is something like that - like kermit the frog. Cool Cat Fish???? Sorry, it'll hit me when i least expect it. :D
  4. Where did you get it?
  5. i thought it was cool cuz hes got the dred locks...hes growin on me :D
  6. I was gonna ask, is he a new Rastafarian on Sesame St or something? LOL He's pretty cool I agree :)
    so what's his name?
  7. i was asking yall....but my telemagikal squeal flute's name is fillibuster jenkins :D
  8. i dunno i think the wicked cracked out smiley face with the flames in the background somehow made your posts way funnnier to read when stoned. It just added imagry that made me laugh more.

    but that guys cool too :D
  9. i wasnt high when i got this one..and im high now..i kinda miss the cracked out smiley face...think i should go back...cuz this guy is kinda growin on me..i mean..he has dreds maaan
  10. i smell a poll.

    haha the cracked out smiley gets my vote because ive already mentally associated you with it. its just not the same, dreds or no dreds.
  11. so the cracked out smiley is who i was...i didnt know i had actually established my identity here with the face....i guess since thats "me" ill go back :D im so faded right now
  12. i dont see any dreds??
  13. changed avatars back to the cracked out smiley :D....forget about the questoin....i officially decree this a thread for "fucking around"
  14. cracked out smiley gets my vote, seems to fit your "personality" better LOL ;) Cracksmiley is much better than the dreds.
  15. cracked out smilie dude! All the way! :D People should keep their avatars cause like elementxero said... I mentally associate people with them ;)
  16. that i had already been associated with that so rapidly...but yeah, im gonna keep this one...might perfect it a lil..but its me from now on :D
  19. Yeah, the smilie is great. The weird muppet dude was throwing me off.
  20. ps.. where is the smiley from?

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