636w LED grow (first) tangerine dream + blue cheese

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  1. Hello Tokers,

    First grow (1) Tangerine Dream (vegged 3/26 to 5/10)
    (2) Blue Cheese (vegged 3/36 - 5 -10)
    (3) Orphan Anne ( vegged 2/26? - 5/10)

    I have had to experiment with places to grow because some are harder than others to access.

    Flower Chamber - 636watt Arctic Sun LED light - 4 cfls - (2) 48in T12 Flourecent

    Veg Chamber - (4) 48in Flourecent Bulbs t12 + 6 CFL bulbs

    I will add more pictures as they grow!

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  2. bump - what do you guys think how are my plants looking?
  3. yes,its look very good! do you mind tell me where you buy the "636watt Arctic Sun LED light - 4 cfls - (2) 48in T12 Flourecent ",thank you.
  4. Arctic sun Led was $750?ish on eBay with a 5 year warranty and the 48 in flourecents At lowes each ballast w/o bulbs was like $10 ea + plant bulbs $10 ea
  5. DAMN - I snapped off one of the TD tops and now there is only 3 :(

    Our littlest / yet oldest "crackbaby" has shown some new growth

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    Get more cfl lighting pronto
  7. I don't know man, I don't think your problem is lack of lighting. That lighting setup sounds more than adequate for 3 plants. It looks like the "crackbaby" one has been struggling as well as the one that hasn't been topped yet (is that your Blue Cheese?)... Newer growth looks nice though so that is a good sign, hopefully you've corrected whatever issue you had previously. What's all that white stuff on your leaves though?
  8. Monoatomic gold I've used this and some bloom booster on them day 1 at every 3 weeks - btw I added 4 6500k clfs

    My brother tried supercropping them when I wasn't around and that explains alot of their messed up branches and stuff

    Boy was I mad

    Some new bud I picked up called "my girl" put me right

    It'll be alright first grow expected errors

    What do you think top the blue cheese?
  9. No, I was asking, is the one that isn't topped the Blue Cheese?
  10. Yes blue cheese was not topped
  11. Anyone else looked into monoatomic gold? I read somewhere a guy planted a two trees in controlled environment and one got monoatomic gold one didnt - the one that did was a 4x? Bigger in a year then the one that did not.

    Search YouTube a prof. Talks about it in "the sacred ark" I believe is what it wa called
  12. hrmmm, I dont know. These have been vegging under 400w mh since 4/20. With how long you have been vegging them you should have more growth. Keep those lights close and make sure your Ph is on point. No worries tho, its all a work in progress I'm a pretty new grower my damn self. Good Luck:smoke:

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  13. I think I may have been overwatering them I just let them get really dry and then gave em a good drink today - maybe that or not good enough circulation? Or my mistake of using miracle grow organic / potting soil mix
  14. How close are your lights ? They should be no less that 6in from your plants if your using CFL/LED. doubt it with the circulation and what not. Maybe the genetics as well. Who knows. You using any nutes?
  15. If you have no circulation, and the grow is in a small enclosed space like a closed closet or tent, the plants will be affected by the stagnant air. Do you have a fan blowing air around inside your grow area?
  16. Yes - I have a fan and am working with a duct fan / carbon shortly. I opened the room up today for some circulation got a nice breeze through their intend to do that more often.
  17. Barneys farm for the two and little crackbaby was a bag seed that has just been abused lol germed under cfl - went in a window for a while and is now in their if I get anything from her I'll b happy
  18. everythings lookin alright

    day 19 flower

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  19. bump

    what have you heard about growing in trees? I've seen it done but what are the downsides - bird?
  20. Aloha brother i was wondering if you could tell me what kind of electric bills you have with your set up.

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