...63. officer, isn't the speed limit 65?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Palmer Eldritch, May 16, 2004.

  1. meh, finally got pulled over :( I was doing 62 in a 45 zone, so a 17 mph fine will get my ass handed to me. It'll be at least 200 dollars. There goes my next oz of weed. I was quite lucky though, he could have put me down for careless driving and it could have been 30 seconds later where the joint would have been sparked up. i almost ate it, but hid it in an empty pen since he didn't have any reason to search my car in the first place.

    i guess it makes up for all the times recently that I missed the cops. i was with a friend earlier this month and quite baked. I decided to to swerve real quick just to startle him. right after i got back into my lane, I saw a cop car waiting in the median. he must have not seen it, because it was definately reckless, and I'd have had dui, possession, etc, etc. the guy really missed out.

    oh well, any other close calls recently?
  2. i have court on the 24th of this month for posession cause i being driven home with my buddy and he didn't have his headlights on. the cop saw the bong in the backseat so he had reason to search. found herb in the car so we BOTH got busted for posession.
  3. close call man ur lucky

  4. ....That aint lucky, haha

  5. No, but Edlritch was :p
    Close call man, must have had good karma on not getting spotted before.

  6. I suppose youd be talking about me then, but its more like stupidity, not ignorance.

  7. now that's why it's good to be in the U.K. sometimes, lol..........over here the cops wouldn't be able to do 2 people on that one, as the weed has to belong to either one person, or the other..........if in doubt, they'll do the driver as it's his car, and try to find out if he was smoking it, by doing the put your finger on your nose........walk the line etc etc.........

    the same thing happens with speed cameras, thay clock the speed, and the plate, but not the driver..........to get off with this, you say that you were in the car with your brother doing a long journey, etc.........and that you can't remember who was driving at the time, as you's were taking turns..........so they can't prosecute you as they don't actually know who was driving..........and they can't prosecute the two of you's for the same crime, only 1 person was driving............Peace out...........Sid

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