60x60x90cm Flowering box with 900WATTS!!

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  1. I have decided to run a little experiment in which I plan to grow one plant in a 60x60x90cm Diamond Milar tent made by secret jardin
    This tent is intended to be used for a propagator but lets see how it does as a flowering room.

    It only cost me £40 - brand new from Ebay - I plan to run 3x 300w plug and grow CFLs in this incredibly confined space.

    Photographs are coming don't worry! - You'l be able to see the Chongsky getting down - doing his thang.

    And presumably - you'l highly criticize his thang - Knowing you guys lol.

    The plant I have chosen is called Super cheese which is a UK Cheese x northern lights cross. I have grown Supercheese many times before in my larger setup.

    She finishes real quick and produces some of the best bud i've ever smoked - not only that but she can easily be kept below 3ft tall - even with half and pound on her...

    Took a few clones off a plant i grew from a pack of feminized seed - which turned out to be excellent :smoking:

    From these 3 clones I will be taking ONE to place into what i'am hoping will be some sort of plant Nirvana!

    Firstly however - The three clones are being veged for a few weeks in a 5x5x7ft box under a 400w Mercury Halide lamp - with lots of other vegy plants for company.

    The tent will arrive on wednesday next week and then we're ready to pick the best of the three and move her in to the box.

    Like i said i have 3 300w Cfls - two of them are 2700k and one is a 6400k.
    They're made by plug and grow and i've been unable to find there Lumen output ratings.

    300 watts is there actual usage though not there equivalent incandescent - they have a new ballast improved ballast which apparently makes them run more efficiently than other large CFLs - something like 60% of the energy used - becomes PAR watts - so that will be around 500 PAR watts on a small plant.

    Not sure how fast i'l have to run the fan but i can get the inbound air to be anywhere from 1c to around 24c at the moment so i cant see heat being much of an issue. Or could it???

    I plan on using Advanced ph perfect bloom,micro,grow with some other bits in a coco coir, perlite and vermiculite mix which is something like 50/30/20.

    Any tips or suggestions?
  2. Oh there will be quite a lot of smoking in the room that the intake takes its air from - however the entire building is very well ventilated.

    can the smoke harm the plants massively?
  3. hope you got a good extractor fan lol.
    I'm a big fan of cfls but I can't help thinking if your going to be using 900watts, why not get a 400hps instead? half the electricity cost and will most likely get you the same amount of bud
  4. heat would be the main concern with a hps
  5. you think 900watts of CFL will give off less heat than a 400w hps? I must admit I don't know the answer but I would put my money on the hps being cooler especially when you factor in the remote ballast can be located outside of the grow box

    either way I love experiments and I'm looking forward to your results
  6. just tried em and its significantly cooler.

    I posted a question about CFL's and heat but no-one answered -

    the light intensity appears to be similar to a 600w HPS but with half the heat - im pretty sure this is gonna work well - just need the tent to arrive.
  7. Just got my fans - a 5 watt - 14db fan that moves 75m3 of air an hour.

    If the box is 60x60x90cm - how many times will the air be changed in an hour?

    Just had a stab at it and i think it'l be something like 35 times an hour?

    Or is it 350 times??

    My math is baaad
  8. 60 x 60 x 90 = 324000 cm3
    324000 cm3 / 1,000,000 = 0.324 m3
    0.324 m3 / 75 m3 per hour = 231.5 times per hour

    easy lol
  9. jetski your making me look bad dude - nice one bro

    I actually sat my Math o level at 14 and got an A - but that was a long time ago now lol

    Reckon i'l actually get anything like what it says on the box? - its a man rose quiet.

    It has bearings and a special motor - compare the noise to a laptops internal fan - feels like a lot of air being shifted too.
  10. i got an E in my maths gcse. i didnt get along well in school but have picked up a lot since. maths just sort of clicked with me a few years after leaving school lol, bad timing but i got there eventually lol.

    where did you get your fan from? i have a few fans that move the same amount of air and are 14 watts. they are pretty dame quite though to be fair
  11. I buy everything off Ebay because im lazy

    My girlfriend tells me that "they" are watching my ebay account
  12. lol, i hear that all the time. i buy everything off ebay too, and im paranoid about everything about growing, except my buying history. i cant see any oficials having time to look at peoples ebay accounts. ebay history wouldnt gain them a search warrant anyway

    get some photos up then dude, i wanna see it
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    Here are some photo's of my gear and plants

    Gonna put everything together tonight

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  14. how do i upload video?
  15. you got some good looking plants there dude. i dont know about videos, im guessing people use youtube but i could be wrong
  16. bet you can tell i vege under MH.

    I rarely have plants that are taller than they are wide.

    I also only cut off branches i intend to make cuttings from

    When you grow fruit and vege - you wouldnt dream of harvesting your entire plant at once - you take the ripe juicy tomatos and allow the green ones to ripen up

    i flush a plant twice in its life - as you see in the photo's - A cheese plant is being flushed - ready for its first harvest.
  17. The tent is up and running!

    I over fed the plant though, I'm sure she'l bounce back.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-ACKFiU6ok]SGS.AVI - YouTube[/ame]

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