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60's Hippie weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by cotir2005, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. I saaw a picture once from High Times. It was a chart of about 12 different strains from the 60's or 70's. It showed what weed looked like then and if it wasnt from a magazine from the 70's then the article was talking about how it changed over the years. The weed looked like mids look now. Does anyone have a link to this photo or know where to find it? Any help is appreciated.
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    you talking about this picture? lol

    looks pretty shitty right? Leads me to believe all the hippies saying "You dont even know what the weed back in the day was like" are full of shit haha
  3. yea lol the average thc content was like 5%
  4. theres a thread about it use your search button dawg thats what its there for : ).
  5. [​IMG]

    If ANYONE posted those pictures today and said dank pickup check it out they'd be laughed right off GC.
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    doesn't everyone know not to judge a book by its cover?
  7. it might only be 5%, but i bet they smoked more than 4x as much as we do to make up for it:D

    Checkout #22 in the pic, is that seeds:eek:
  8. yeah, unless the covers made of shit...

  9. You sound like a disgruntled hippie from the 60s.

    Allow me to clue you in: Your weed looks like shit, probably smoked like shit, no one knew how to manicure or cut off water leaves.

    Granted, you old hippies didn't have access to advanced techniques that we have today for growing. There were likely less "progrow indoor" operations.

    You did the best you could and we thank you for saving this wonderful herb for us, but seriously -- that weed = sucks. The only weed on those images I'd pay more than $30 a quarter for is the Maui and I'd give about $40 a quarter for it.
  10. I would pay through my ass and out my nose for some legitimate old school strains.

    I have smoked Acapulco Gold. It literally looked gold.
  11. Thanks everyone! That is exactly what I was talking about. I googled and searched here "classic marijuana strains" "60's weed" "70's weed" "hippy weed" "hippie weed" ... I could not find a darn thing. I picked up a book from Barnes and nobles that talks about the price of weed in 1965. $8 for a lid. $80 for a kilo. With inflation that comes up to be about $60 a lid today. my kinda prices even if the best would be what we call mids.
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    Cmon guys. For one thing those pictures are low resolution.

    And yes nobody manicured back then but that doesnt mean that shit wasnt some bomb. It was probably organic and tasted awesome.

    Remember, a good sativa grown outdoors under the sun in some of the hotter and higher altitude places on earth probably had a much better high and taste then the mid we have nowadays.

    Some of the most bomb ass weed we smoke nowadays had their origins in those seeds.

    Edit: Though I did watch this weed documentary from the 70's called "Acapulco Gold" and those hippies actually tried picking and smoking ditchweed. They were risking getting shot to steal hemp stalks with only leaves on em. Then they dried the leaves and after putting them in bags of dry ice (they said it increased potency) they bricked the shit up. And apparently a lot of that shit was getting sold. (The hippies who filmed the movie ended up setting the brick on fire when they realized it was worthless, hence their trip to mexico for the acapulco gold)
  13. Ok so the government says weed In the 60s was less potent and therefore less dangerrous than the weed of today right? Bullshit, smoking weed with a lower thc percentage means that you not only have to smoke more to get high but you are also inhaling far more burnt thc-less plant matter than you would be if you were smoking the high quality bud of today. What do you thinks goin to be harder on your lungs? A bowl of dank? Or the 4 or 5 bowls of schwag that it would take to get you high?
  14. it all looks like shwag
  15. the only one of those that even look smokeable are the thai and maui, and even those dont look good. rest of it looks like schwag
  16. And the Oaxacan looks seedy as fuck.

    What a sad time for High Times.
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    i would still smoke that shit, looks like mids thou. But i bet it was some stickey shit man. Maybe?

  18. yeah,it looks like stress,but i had stress that looked better.:smoke: and i think i bought some of that weed before.:confused:
  19. man middies dont look that bad!!!
  20. I always questioned the potency of weed back then.
    My mom told me a story about finding a ditch full of weed, so they filled garbage bags with it and stuffed them into a van.
    They they proceeded to burn them in a bonfire.
    If that was some dank shit, you wouldn't burn it like that.
    Nor would it just be chillen in a ditch for people to steal.
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