600watt ballast questions

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  1. my 600watt digital ballast makes a buzzing noise but only when the bulb is connected, when disconnected it sound normal (quiet). It kinda sounds like a something is not grounded properly inside the ballast anyone have any ideas?

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  2. Digital ballasts make a buzzing noise.. im pretty sure its just bulb resistance.
  3. this noise just started

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  4. Not sure... I'm running a 600w quantum dimmable digital ballast. There is no noise except some fan noise but that's it. I have an ushio bulb. Sorry no other info... is it a messed up fan?
  5. no I took it apart the fan is fine, if I plug the ballast into the wall without the bulb connected its fine but when I connect the bulb the buzzing starts it sounds like a loud bee.

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  6. Some ballasts are loud some are not.
  7. I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be sounding like this, could the bulb be drawing to much power, I'm sure its towards the end of its life and I heard they use more power and put out less light

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  8. Take it to the place you got it and ask them if the other models do the same cuz both of my 600w lumatek ballast are very quite! Like they don't make any noise what so ever lol
  9. yea I just decided to upgrade to 4 600watts thx anyways for the help

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