600w vs 400w on 64x20x36 grow tent

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    Well I have a 64x20x36 grow tent with a 600w hps/mh. I having temps in the 80F & 90F range. The normal room temp during the day is around 90F and 87F at night without a/c. I am thinking on buying a 400w to replace the 600w but before I do that I would like some info.

    I know 600w is overkill in this space but, replacing it with a 400w would make a significant change in temp considering normal room temp?

    What you guys think?

    Check out my journal for more info.

  2. I can buy a 250w or 400w lamp but, would it make a difference when outside temp in the street and inside the room is around 89F during the day and 81F at night?

    I already have a air cooled hood connected to a high velocity fan. You can see it in my journal.

    Any ideas of approximately how many difference in degrees would I be looking at?

    Would it be a significant difference on my crop?

    Someone who knows better than me please give me your opinion.

  3. Sup man....Sounds like your going thru the same junk as I went through, so before you go spend a dollar, check a couple things, there from the "I screwed myself already because catagory".... Does your hood have a high CFM fan drawing in fresh air from outside, and does it force the heated air back outside? Are your intake and exhaust vents outside far enough away from each other that the intake isnt sucking in the air coming from the exhaust?? Have you checked every inch of duc to be sure something didnt tear (like that impossible to reach place behind my tents, that only a 7 foot tall chinese acrobat could see) causing either intake or exhaust to be a screwed up? Is there any kinks in the ducs? Pressure from the fans can cause the ducks to suck in in places causing a restriction...Are you using hard elbows for the ducs or allowing it to bend by itself? Are you bringing in fresh air into the grow room at the bottom and forcing it out at the top and at what rate? You should be able to get you ambient temps in the grow room to just a degree or two above the temp of the fresh air, and it could be equal to fresh air temps depending on volume of ventilation. If you have to spend money, spend it on more ventilation, your plants will be better off from the higher watts. Im running a 600w in the same size tent, also one in a 4x4x7 tent next to it, each using cool tubs connected together. I do have an adjustable ballast though so if temps outside get really bad, I "can" lower the watts a day or two vs having 100 degree temps...gl

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