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600W of fluoros in my closet

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by bulletcatcher, May 24, 2010.

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    Checked the trichomes... plants are gonna come down tomorrow morning most likely.

    Some more "light and airy" bud shots for you.

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  2. 3.25oz, and I think I even overdried it. I wasn't sure what to expect after revenge of the spider mites... the one plant definitely suffered for it. Not bad for my second grow ever under lights that "won't work", considering all the problems that came up and the fact that I wasn't even using all my light effectively (especially after the one plant died from the pH problem), or for the whole time.

    The bud is also unsurprisingly very good and of expected density/overall quality. I'll be posting more about my next grow which will use more plants that are slightly smaller to better maximize my space. I may also top them this time. And I'll probably get the pure red T5 bulbs. I'm looking forward to being able to really put the lights to the test by avoiding growing issues this time.

    And the main cola on the raspberry kush is nearly 7g by itself.
  3. suscribed my friend!, your post are very clear cut, informing, and detailed your information is helping me greatly in choosing how to set up my first grow. i look forward to your next one as well!!
  4. I really admire your knowledge on plant genetics and how spectrums affect them.
    I'll begin my first grow soon enough myself, but I wont be nearly as successful as you probably.

    Hope you havin' a good time raising those plants and best of luck.
  5. Dude, thanks for this thread. I am just getting ready for my first grow ever, and your generous discussion about your experience with CFLs helped me greatly. I will be starting with those to grow Auto AK47, and now I am much less discouraged about using good quality CFLs.

    Thanks again, and good luck on your next grow.
  6. hey bulletcatcher...

    read your thread here...nice job done, i kno lots of ppl take crapola remarks and the such about growing with flo's but screw it, we grow with what works for each of us personally in our situations....i've been growing with flo's for 8yrs now...:D lots of sweet tasting varieties, lots more than i can smoke :p so i have a few happy friends and relatives who luck out with some damn fine nugs.

    I could never use big lites, i've never even used CFL's, i use tube flo's, have a grow box for veg goin 16/8....never get bugs ever or probs of any are way important, then i have second chamber for flowering, with diff spectrum bulbs, i do agree with you about the spectrum vs. lumens thing.
    Flo's keep the heat way down, don't have to worry so much about smell then and ventilation is very easy to deal with as well...with low heat,
    And yes.....light soil mix is best too.

    Keep experimenting with your grows and the flo's :cool: you'll get it tweaked into good shape for your own conditions I'm sure. And remember, it's not HOW we's THAT we grow!! :smoking:
  7. Good thread BC, i'm interested in Fluoros for the same reason, limited grow space and the obvious knock on temperature issues.
    What strains are you growing?
  8. Scratch that, re-read a later post. Great grow dude and 3.5 oz is, as you said, pretty good considering you did it with lights that don't work!
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    Hey. Sorry I didn't respond til now. Didn't see that they moved this and I don't usually check this forum.

    Thanks for the kind comments, and the fluorescent grow is continuing (with some different spectrum T5s, and about to go all T5), but I had serious problems with insects this summer. Mites, thrips, fungus gnats and root aphids. Did everything I could but still lost like 2 and a half plants, mostly to the soil-borne ones. Thrips and mites are no big deal since I started using the no pest strips.

    Luckily I have an outdoor grow going that should yield a couple pounds, so it's not a huge deal. I just put some in coco/pumice into the flowering room straight from rooted clone to replace the dead ones, so we'll see how that does. I may never have to veg again.

    The strains I'm growing has been changing every grow since I was just getting clones from a dispensary. I've started cloning for myself and growing a durban poison mother plant. I'm probably going to end up keeping strawberry cough, purple diesel, durban poison, G13 and Romulan. There's a few others I want to find eventually, and the purple diesel may not be kept if the bud isn't great, it's just a waaaay hardy plant. Barely showed any signs of damage from overfert (due to a medium mix up) and the bugs while the other plants were basically keeling over. Even the other two that lived sustained serious damage... purple diesel lost like 3 fan leaves.
  10. Is that 3.25 oz for the whole grow or just one plant? I'm guessing one smaller plant because that only comes to 0.15 grams per watt with 600W right? Couldn't be. Maybe I missed something. Nice journal though bro. Keep it up, it only gets better. Peace
  11. Uh, yeah, you did miss something. A lot, actually. Like the pH problem that killed a plant and severely damaged another. The recurrent spider mites. The fact that I wasn't using 600W for the whole flowering period (less than half was under 600W). And maybe the fact that due to the dead plant and not so great planning (via not knowing I'd HAVE the 600W), my light was underutilized by the number of plants I had.

    Oh and maybe the fact that it was my second grow ever?

    Yeah, but you wouldn't bother to figure all that out since you see low GPW and decide that fluorescents are the problem because of your confirmation bias. Thanks for playing.
  12. I got 90 grams of 1 plant with a spider mite infestation that mandated an early harvest, under 1 400 watt hps. HID wins.
  13. :confused_2: what happened there ace? you go and get yourself banned?
    temper temper, did you forget what we talked about?

    i hate to be that guy who says i told you so but,

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!



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