600w magnetic ballast - blow 10amp fuse

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by tester123z, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. Hello, Grasscity! I like your forum! :D
    I have a problem I hope you guys could help me with, since my electrical understanding isn't very good, and I don't want to burn down my apartment, so all help is appriciated for  :smoke:
    I tried to connect my 600W magnetic ballast to my cool tube, but when I put in the cord to the socket, the fuse in my apartment blew straight away (not a tick, or any light). I disconnected everything that was on the same fuse, but same thing happend over and over again at startup.
    Is my ballast broke?
    I thought 10 amp would be more than enough? (startup power spike problem?)
    My apartment is old, and have old fuses (bulb-like), and the sockets doesn't have grounding. Is that a big problem too?
    How can I fix this problem easily? Do you guys think it would work if I buy a digital ballast? Before I do that, I will of course test the ballast in another apartment. Do I need to connect the reflector to test it in another house, or can I just take only the ballast with me to check?
    I live in Scandinavia.


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