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  1. My tent is a 4x4x7 and I already have 2 450w VIPARSPECTRA LEDs(200w true) and I'm looking to get another so I can get bigger yields. The 600w I think was like 240w true and the 900w was 400w true both of them by VIPARSPECTRA. Any recommendations ?

    Edit: The 900w is $100 more if that could possibly not be worth it
  2. How many plants are you trying to grow at a single time

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  3. Well I'm thinking about doing a SCRoG and only 2-3 plants would probably fit in my 4x4 with a SCRoG in there as well but if I don't do SCRoG then I'm planning on growing about 5-8 plants
  4. What's your growing experience like

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  5. My first time growing bud but I mean I'm a Gardner of sorts. I got a water garden and flowerbeds I take care of but those are easy cause it's outside and I don't gotta do much
  6. 5 to 8 is pushing it as a plant can use around a foot of space so about 4 would be good. You already have 900 watts so add another 600 and I believe you would be fine.

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  7. Thanks I was leaning more towards just 2 maybe 3 in a SCRoG setup. Guess I'm gonna go with this 600
  8. This is 2 plants in a 2×2×5[​IMG]

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  9. When sizing leds for a given space for bloom pay no attention to the rated watt numbers or model numbers. The rated numbers are all over the place. Find the actual watt total. Lower end older design leds like those you need about 40-50 watts per square foot for a good bloom level. Going above 50 watts per square isn't going to yield you more. I've been running about 770 actual watts in my 4x4 of platinum led for a while. That's 47 watts per square. It's a little on the overkill side. I could probably get away with 650-700 watt range.

    Newer led's like the quantum boards are allowing lower watts per square in bloom then ever. About 30-35 is good. Your older leds aren't efficient enough to get away with a bloom power level that low.

    The viparspectra 450 you speak of already running two of is a 200 watt light. Running two of them is 400 watts. 4x4 is 16 square foot / 400 watts is 25 watts per square. That's a high veg level. Not enough for bloom.

    I would buy one of these if you're on a budget. You can figure out how to build it or watch a video. It's not hard. With the 2100a series driver it's 265 watts. 3 top end newer tech hi output white light cob leds. Top of the line driver. No fans. It's not cheap Chinese drivers and leds like viparspectra and it's not much more money. Add one of these to your two current lights and you'd be about perfect power level for that 4x4.
    VERO29 Triple COB Array Kit

    That would put you at 665watts/16 square feet = 41.5 watts per square.
    Mixing the white light spectrum with the heavy blue and red from the viparspecs would be a nice mix I think. I'm currently doing a grow with a burple mixed with white and its turning out nice.
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