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600W LED in a 4ft Flower Tent with Drip Feed. Sugar Haze, White Rhino.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by passthebilly, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. #1 passthebilly, Mar 17, 2013
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    Third grow
    I'm back. 2nd grow was shit and only gave me afew grams of shake. First grow was okay (180g under 300w). Previous grow links in my sig.

    - 2x 300W (actual draw) flowering lamp, 3w Epistar/Bridgelux LEDs

    • 14 Blue 460nm
    • 4 White 14000K
    • 12 Orange 610nm
    • 110 red 630nm 660nm
    • 2 Infared 720nm
    • 2 UV400nm
    DIY Hydro setup:
    • 2x 4x2' adjustable height folding tables, holes drilled for drainage/pumps
    • 6x 50x38cm flood tray (3 on each table)
    • 2x 35L storage boxes with holes cut in the lids for reservoirs.
    • 2x 8W submersible pumps
    • 14mm and 4mm Vinyl tubing, manifolds, 2x 100L/H dripper steaks per pot
    Ducth master gold one flower watering at 2.3[ EC I keep it swinging 5.5-5.9, just started adding 0.5ml/L zone (root conditioner), add .27, 3ml/L silica 0.3ml/L.

    Genetics: Sugar Haze (sativa) and white rhino, mixed them up, can't tell.

    Medium: Clay balls (seedlings in rw).

    Pots: 20' pots

    Training: Some LST

    - Decent waterproof ebay ph meter and EC meter
    - Smell: Neotek NJ 2500 Negative Ion Generator

    What's New
    -I just doubled the lighting (2x300w). The plants on the right hand size are the same age as the others, but had to share a 100w veg lamp before.
    -6 plants (Down from 13)
    -20" diamter pots (up from 10")
    -More nitrogen, less potash EC still ~ 2.3

    I've got seedlings too it's just same setup as before, I've got one 100W veg lamp over them and the other sitting on the shelf waiting for them to get bigger.

    Been flowering for 2 weeks:
  2. Hey Billy! You know I'm subbed!
  3. #3 passthebilly, Mar 26, 2013
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    fml kinda screwed, I have a rental inspection in 2-3 weeks :hide:, if they're not ready to chop by then, I'll have to think of a way to hide all this shit :eek: Thats 5 1/2 weeks after flipping, I'll see if I can call them and delay it just a few more days, 6 weeks may be just enough. The added light is speeding up flowering, the gals are puffing up and smell good :)

    They have gotten huge btw, pics coming soon.

    To chop or not to chop!
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    I had to take it down, a contractor is coming D: I just spent 12 hours taking the god damn 6ft tent down, cleaning up my whole place 100%. I just don't have time to take it down, set it up twice in one week.

    And it was physically impossible to hide everything + the girls out of sight :l

    Chopped 4 weeks after flipping, the white rhino has little buds I probably got 10-15 grams :l The sugar hazes had afew hairs but pretty much nothing.

    Abandoning all sativa at this point, I simply don't have the time, considering getting a better strain.

    The good news, is that everyone SHOULD finally fuck off and keep out of my place for a good couple of months after this week.

    I wasted a lot of time and electricity again but this time I didn't waste too much money anyway, I spent like 30 bucks on nutrients, and I washed all my clay balls which was a total PITA but saved me like 50 bucks. I knew what I was risking when I decided to grow in someone else's property so I'm not too let down about it now.

    I've kept 3 seedlings which I'm going to keep alive in some kinda temporary setup for the next week.

    Updates will come soon on this same thread.
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    I'm back. again. I'm not expecting any bloody visitors this time!

    -White rhino, 14 seedlings planted directly into the clay balls. Why pay for rockwool cubes when I can just wash my old clay balls.
    -800W in the 6ft tent, 30% of tent space still unused. Chucked the 4ft tent in the bin, cut up and saved the mylar though.
    -14/10 photoperiod from seed, will probably go down to 12 in a month
    -Got rid of the flood trays, made a massive 'tray' on each table out of black pond liner, duct taped it to the sides of the pots, drilled some drainage holes in the tabes, attached hoses sealed it up, took less than a day and no leaks so far :)
    -Seeds are planted in final pots, can't be bothered transplanting. Males will be removed and then I will make it perceptual.

  6. Wow should fill the tent
  7. #7 passthebilly, Apr 13, 2013
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    Yeah I'll try and go perpectual by taking a few clones of each gal, once I have some extra cash for clays balls, more lights.
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    2 sprouts, day 3 germinating. The seeds were planted directly into the clay balls, and they popping up quick!

  9. It's soorta perpectual 12/12 now, I am just gona plant new clones as the males get removed. I am also planning to seperate the thc bomb males somewhere and extract the pollen so I can make one branch a seed crop (although the whole plant is bound to have 1-3 seeds per bud) and keep the rest of the bitches virgins.
    5x 'THC Bomb' seedlings (planted 20-30 april)
    7x 'White rhino (planted april 12)
  10. THC Bomb has the lead
  11. #11 passthebilly, Jun 9, 2013
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    No flowering problem with the last 2 grows kept happening with the white rhino genetics, so I've ruled out training, light or temps. I'm not sure what was wrong with my home made seeds and clones in the first place, their mother plants had a big harvest. Wasted 3 months figuring this one out.
    THC bomb is already miles ahead of white rhino so I ripped all the white rhino out and I'm now gona clone the shit outta THC bomb.
  12. I am about to setup a new grow with 2x10 pot versagrow drip systems, and I was just wondering how often you ran your drip, did you do it in timed cycles or was it 24/7 ?

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