600W Hydro Pot of Gold First Round

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  1. This is my first go at Hydro. Just planted these clones today. I am curious as to what peoples opinions are on topping in a SOG setup. I am not limited in space so I can veg alittle longer. I know this strain produces more if topped. I have 24 clones in a 4x4 flood tray. Will it become to hectic to top them and let them veg in this amount of space? I will keep this thread updated till these babies are smoke in my lungs. Pull up a chair and blaze a fatty. I posted some pics of my setup. Peace to my brothers

    Current Setup:

    24 Pot of Gold Clones
    600 watt Lumatek Digital Ballast
    4x4 Flood Tray
    Mag Drive 18 Water Pump
    50 Gallon Reservoir
    24 Perfect Pots

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    you have a great setup man , but that hood is killing me :D Really looks good , will look so much better with a nice hood. Love the perfect pots , those damn things are so expensive.

    gonna get some traffic in here come flowering.
  3. nice! pullin up a chair...
    what size are those pot's bro? what nutes?
  4. I know, I will soon hopefully get a new hood. My friend hooked me up with it so I couldnt complain. The perfect pots are 2 gallons. My nutrients that I will be using are Soul Synthetics Aurora. I cannot wait till flowering. After this grow, hopefully I will be expanding. In a week I will post update pics. In the meantime here is a pic of my nutrients

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  5. good luck bro nz b watchn

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