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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chikkybabe, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. I have just purchased a 600w hps light and have a 3x3x6 space to grow in...will the hps do both the veg and flower adequately??

  2. Yes u nead only hps but it is best to flower i hear the xpert,s
    say hm for veg but it is not nead to plant im using a pigg warmlamp 250w red light that will comp hps and u will be happy grow on all make the peace not war happy smoking

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  3. yeah it will, 600w is loads in that space.

    keep an eye on the temps, it may get a bit hot in there.
  4. now ive never seen that before... 'pig light' for growing.... ? is that your only light?
  5. why do you have a whoole bunch of aluminum foil strips? why not just spend like $10 more and get some mylar or space blankets? it would help alot more than foil;)
  6. hell yeah a 600 will light that.....better get your shades on.......and like barnaby said the temp is gonna be hot.......i use a 400 in a 3x3 and struggle in Scotland to keep the temp down to 80, but if you live in a hot country your gonna need a lot a venting.......Peace out........Sid
  7. how many plants do you think id fit in this space??
  8. it depends on the plant and how big u want to grow it.

    id say 4 to 9, ive got a 3x3 and when i get another light 4 my other grow i;ll put my 400 in ther and grow 9 plants ready to go under the other lamp and then prob just 1 big ass haze or somthing if i can sort another space 4 my mothers.

    if ur doing sog u cud get 12 small plants in ther but that wud b a waste of a 600, u cud do that with a 250w at a push.
  9. how long am i looking at from seed to harvest with hydro....some people have told me as little as 7 weeks...dno bout that...i would like 4 decent plants in my space and have decided to take yr advise and use a bubbler setup with clay pebbles.
    in a 6ft high grow space at what point would i start flowering do u think...

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